Quit calling them ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks. They are not ‘lone’, they’re all of the same Islamic fascist ideology. They are always the same type of people. It’s always either of these:

  • 3rd world migrant
  • Black man with Arab name, family descends from 3rd world hell, media still labels him as “European”
  • Brown man with Arab name, descendant of 3rd world Muslim trash, media says he’s a “European”

It’s always the same type of ‘lone wolf’ with the exact same method and ideology as the others. They are KNOWN WOLVES. Not LONE WOLVES. Get it in your head, people.

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She brought her big ugly sack hood to the 1st World & her hordes of Muslim owners are here as well. The Moslem caveman attack you on your own home land, and the Moslem hijab chick tries to act like she’s not tickled deep down inside. She loves how weak you are. That’s why the Moslem mongrels come to the Western World! Because the MSM has made so many men weak! WELL, GUESS WHAT?! NOT ME! I’M REAL & I’M PISSED OFF!

Aww, you don’t want these Stone Age Moslem cavemen coming to your civilized nations and raping your women? How xenophobic, you racist zealout!

Yes. I’m so sorry for being racist. My bad I don’t want the retrograde culture of genital mutilation to overtake the Western World. I prefer science, medicine, technology, and putting men on the moon over your great culture which marries little girls & does public ass-wipes.

Yesterday in the city (formerly known to be a safe romantic paradise, now known to be an active police state with brown Muslims stalking white women) Paris, France — 39 year old Arab (fake news says he’s French) Karim Cheurfi fired bullets down the iconic Champs-Elysees Blvd. He killed one French policeman and injured 3 innocents before a cop finally killed him.

*Due to another Moslem Animal Attack, we get to hear more retarded EU politicians act like they’re clueless on how to prevent these attacks from happening. You’ll see the Eurocucked fag politicians act like the answer isn’t clear as day. First thing’s first, state the truth. All these attackers are dark-skinned Muslim males with Arab names. Therefore quit letting them pour into the Western World, when they bring all this 3rd World Hellhole baggage along. The race is always the same, names are always Arab, always Muslims. So deport the dark-skinned Arabian Muslims who cause trouble, that simple. And don’t let them in anymore. If someone says it’s racist — ask them when the Muslim nations will let the White Europeans come down their and wreck their racial demographic while bringing our own culture. If they can’t give you an answer, you won.

ISIS immediately claimed responsibility and celebrated the attack. Investigators searched a home they believe is linked to the attacker. The home is an eastern suburb of Paris. Worried neighbors wondered why their quiet neighborhood was now the center of a major investigation. Also, it was revealed that Cheurfi attacked a police officer back in 2001. So it’s truly a wonder why France let this invading mongrel stay.

With just less than 2 days till France chooses their destiny in this over-the-top majorly vital election, an attack like this is another reminder to voters to think twice about which leader they want. It’s either #LePen2017, who will restore the culture and language and theology and pride of being French, or it’s the globalist shill she’s running against. If Le Pen loses then it’s likely the death sentence for France’s culture & you’ll never see them leave the EU and return sovereignty. Hopefully Le Pen wins, because the French far-right is really gaining a passionate youth base.

Alt-Right is the New Punk Rock, folks. True conservatives used to be patriots but due to wicked government leadership, true conservatives are labeled the enemies by the state. Sad, sad, sad.

Prototypical EU official response to Islamic terror attack:

All of the EU stands together in condemnation of this horrible attack. This attacker was not Islamic, he was just an attacker. Our Muslim citizens across Europe are so great, and they all deserve gold medals for being Muslims. We love our Muslims. They’re peaceful. This Islamic terrorist, who cowardly targeted and killed strangers, is not Islamic. His ethnic background has nothing to do with the attack, and neither does race (even though it’s always a brown-on-white assault, always an attack racist against whites as they specifically target us). I repeat, race and religion has nothing to do with this form of attack. We will stand unified with no fear and continue to celebrate our diversity. We will keep working until terrorism is defeated forever. And we will beat you, terrorists (we’ve been saying this sh*t forever yet still getting our tails kicked.

Le Pen’s opponent had a dumb reaction to the terror attack. His cucked statement is how most politicians across the western world react to Muslim Jihadi Terror Attacks. They just refuse to say the truth. Cliché neocuck globalists & super-liberals always say the bullsh*t stuff like “This Islamic attack was not Islamic” or “ISIS is not Islamic” or “Muslim terror does not exist” .. Ugh.

Le Pen opponent, Emmanuel Macron, says we should get used to the Muslim takeover.

Here’s how our leader (who has balls) President Donald Trump reacted:

Here’s the potential next French president (who, metaphorically, has balls) Marine Le Pen reacted:

Says Islamism must be combatted & stopped. Very blunt & real statement. Real Leadership.

Reiterates need for border security, so other Muslims like him can’t get in.

Fearlessly identifies the enemy.

Here’s how a legendary Brexiteer Englishman always responded:

Nigel Farage. The Godfather of Britain, who returned in the latter-days to unchain the U.K. from the bondage of globalist EU overlords, and show us all how to be nationalist patriots.

Bluntly identifies the enemy & says we’re taking in people who hate us.

Here’s how I respond:

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Image result for TRUMP LAUGHING GIF

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Hold up. What’s the time? Time for the globalists to suck my manhood & get the hell off of western civilization’s back!

Quit letting the globalists force you to accept this sh*t from black/brown people. The media goes crazy if a white looks at a black/brown person the wrong way, but doesn’t care if a black/brown person targets whites in mass killings. Quit being a sissy and speak out for truth. Speak out against Muslim Jihadis. The globalists want you to shut up and take this demonic culture which seeps from 3rd world sewage. Quit being a pansy! QUIT BEING A COWARD. BE A MAN. Speak the truth, seek the truth! TELL IT LIKE IT IS.