Tomorrow afternoon Vice President Mike Pence will be in Australia to meet with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. This marks the earliest time a newly elected VP has visited Australia, according to Turnbull.

On Thursday ABC’s 7.30 host Leigh Sales asked PM Turnbull how he could put so much trust in Trump’s administration. PM Turnbull addressed this and other questions by saying that at first “Many people were skeptical of the Trump administration’s commitment to the region but as you can see … the commitment is very real” ..

PM Turnbull also applauded the Trump administration’s strong stance against North Korea’s dangerous nuclear program. Turnbull noted that  “the focus this week is on North Korea and I’d say … that the eyes of the world are now on Beijing” since China has “the leverage and influence to stop this reckless and dangerous conduct of the North Korean regime.”

PM Turnbull also is a big aficionado of the Trump administration’s decisive and powerful airstrikes dropped on Syrian’s airbase in response Assad’s horrendous gas attack.

Turnbull sent this this tweet below, in support of Trump Syrian airstrikes.

Turnbull praised the U.S. military and the Trump administration for their response to the vicious gassing of innocent humans. Turnbull said that himself and the Aussie gov’t “strongly supports the swift and just response of the United States,” and also labeled the strikes as “a calibrated, proportionate and targeted response.”

The Trump administration told PM Turnbull about the strikes before they took place. The 7.30 host Leigh Sales then asked Turnbull if he trusted President Trump & VP Pence’s judgment, to which Turnbull answered, “I do. I trust the judgment, the wisdom of the American government, the president and the vice president.”

Turnbull also noted that the core nat’l interests of the USA ‘remains the same’ despite Trump’s unconventional policies. Turnbull also said the U.S.-Australian alliance is “vital”

The beginning of the Aussie PM’s relationship with the Trump administration started off with a little speed bump, that was really overblown by the MSM. The liberal MSM demonized Trump about how the call went when Turnbull brought up the prior agreement made by Obama for the U.S. to accept 10,000 refugees. Trump was upset by this agreement and let Obama know it on Twitter. Trump made a promise to put the American citizens first, therefore implementing an EXTREME VETTING policy of refugees. Despite Trump’s discontent with Obama’s agreement, Trump went through with it anyway.

In response to major backlash against how Trump handled the situation, Australin PM Turnbull refused to join in on the demonization — spearheaded by the MSM who made the call seem worse thant it really was. In a press conference, Turnbull said that is not my job as prime minister of Australia to run a commentary on the domestic policies of other countries,” Also, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop offered a sentiment about Trump and Turnbull’s conversation which did not reflect the dark reporting by the biased MSM. Bishop said that PM Turnbull was was very pleased with the call. It was very warm, it was very engaging. They discussed a whole range of bilateral, regional and global issues.”

Trump then went on Twitter to thank PM Turnbull for “telling the truth” about their phone call, in the face of abusively biased MSM coverage.

VP Pence and Aussie PM Turnbull will meet tomorrow, in what should be a cordial meeting. According to a White House official, VP Pence plans to personally “thank Australia for its partnership in addressing global issues” once he arrives to meet Turnbull. The official also said VP Pence will discuss occurrences in the region and “reaffirm our (U.S.’s) enduring presence in the region” I assume they’ll discuss major topics such as N. Korea and the current ordeal with Syria, Iran, and Russia. According to this report, bilateral trade and investment relations will be discussed to some extent as well. VP Pence will also get to meet and chat with Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten. Pence’s discussion with Shorten will be quite the spectacle I suppose. Because Shorten is a very big fan of Trump’s, to put it mildly. Shorten once described President Trump as “barking mad” .. During Trump’s campaign, Shorten really let the cannon fire on Trump.

Roughly a year ago, Shorten went on a radio show in which the interviewer asked him how he would react if Trump actually became president. Shorten responded, “I once got a letter from a constituent that said, ‘What plans do you have if alien life make contact with Earth?’ .. They’re sort of scenarios you hope don’t emerge.” 

Shorten has even once said that Trump is “entirely unsuitable to be leader of the free world” .. Those are just a few examples of the vitriolic anti-Trump rhetoric that Aussie politican Bill Shorten has spewed out. Thankfully Australia PM Turnbull has not been afraid to condemn Shorten for his totally disrespectful statements. PM Turnbull (back in May 2016) fired back at Shorten’s anti-Trump hysteria by saying that it’s not his place as an Aussie politician to bash an American presidential candidate. 

“You can imagine how Australians would feel if an American president were to describe one of our prime ministerial aspirants as barking mad.

You can imagine the resentment and ill will that would create. It’s important for leaders to lead.”-PM Turnbull (May 2016)

As you see, Turnbull found Shorten’s repugnant comments about Trump to be quite disrespectful to American citizens who support Trump. At least Turnbull seems to have respect for U.S. citizens, unlike Shorten who obviously believes anyone who voted for Trump is a bad person. I wouldn’t mind seeing Pence just shun Shorten tomorrow. But Pence is so classy and humble, that I know he won’t.