Despite North Korea’s missile test epically failing a few days ago, they still are aggressively posturing against S. Korea and refusing to cooperate with the U.S.

Earlier today, VP Mike Pence told CNN & WashPo that the U.S. is not seeking negotiations with N. Korea “at this time”

..Pence went into more specifics and said: “I think the path of negotiations with North Korea has been a colossal failure now for more than 25 years,” Pence told the Washington Post. “We believe that through discussions and negotiations among nations apart from North Korea that we may well be able to bring the kind of economic and diplomatic pressure that would result in North Korea finally abandoning its nuclear ambitions and its ballistic missile program.”

The big fat Kim Jong Chipmunk Baby is not gonna give up his nuclear play toys. He loves the attention too much!

Since Trump’s presidency began, N. Korea has engaged in at least five nuclear missile tests. Ever since Trump’s inauguration, tensions between S. Korea & N. Korea have gotten worse and the same goes for U.S.-N.Korea tensions. A few days ago VP Pence made a surprise visit to the Demilitarized Zone between N. Korea and S. Korea to discuss how the U.S. will approach N. Korea’s radical endeavors.

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The N. Korean chubby chipmunk doesn’t wanna mess with V.P. Mike ‘Cold As Ice’ Pence!

VP Pence also sent a blunt warning to N. Korea regarding their unhinged nuclear aggressions. Earlier today in Japan, while addressing U.S. service members along with Japanese Defense Forces, VP Pence told N. Korea that ‘The sword stands ready’ for anything N. Korea wants to try against S. Korea, Japan, and the U.S.

VP Pence issued this warning during his speech, which took place after his meeting Japanese PM Shinzo Abe.

“The United States of America will always seek peace. But under President Trump, the shield stands guard & the sword stands ready”-VP Pence

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Not only are tensions flaring between N. Korea and the U.S., but the #1 state sponsor of Islamic terrorism Iran is trying to challenge Trump. Iran pushed Obama around but they’ll learn very soon that Trump won’t take their bullsh*t.

Obama may have kissed your dirty Iranian Mullah a$$es, but Trump will shut you S.O.B.’s down if you mess with him. I guarantee you the M.O.A.B. that took a dive on Iran’s ISIS playmates, made them think twice about insulting Trump. They would never admit it, but I guarantee you the Iranians know there’s a new sheriff in town & his name is Donald J. Trump.

Earlier today, Sec. of State Rex Tillerson told Congress that the Trump administration will review whether sanction reliefs provided to Iran in 2015 should stay in tact or not. It seems as if Trump is considering to slap more sanctions back on the world’s #1 sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism.

President Trump ISN’T GONNA KISS UP TO THE DISGUSTING OLD PERVERTED WRINKLY PEDOPHILES THAT ARE THE IRANIAN MULLAHS. These people are nothing but old greasy wrinkly weak ‘men’ with vapid spirits & all the joy they can get is wearing their goofy expensive garbs & LITERALLY having sex with 9 year olds and 5 year olds and 3 year olds and etc. These Iranian Mullahs are the epitome of cowards. They have strong men WHO DEFEND THEM militarily, while they live on top of their riches and do the most degenerate, evil, despicable, immoral, depraved things you could EVER, EVER, EVER IMAGINE. And just remember, Obama was in bed with these people metaphorically. Trump, on the other hand, is not going to put up with one bit of Iran’s horseplay. SO I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR THE OLD GREASY IRANIAN DIRTBAGS WHO RAPE LITTLE INNOCENT GIRLS & RUIN THEIR LIVES. Here’s my message to these terrorist-funding scumbag Islamic fascist filth. GO F*CK YOURSELF, YOU DIRTY ROTTEN DEMON MAGGOTS.

The sanctions were taken off Iran in 2015 by Obama so the tyrannical & traitorous Iran Nuke Deal could be worked out. Obama took sanctions off the #1 sponsor of terrorism & gave them billions on billions AND FALSELY CLAIMED THAT THE IRAN NUKE DEAL would keep us safe — when in reality the Iran Nuke Deal is nothing more but a piece of paper that immoral scum like the Iranian Mullahs don’t care about honoring. The IRAN NUKE DEAL Is Truly So BAD That It’s SCARY. The IRAN NUKE DEAL Sucks!

Trump also froze a last minute payment that Obama tried to get to Iran right before he left office.  Sec. of State Tillerson wrote in a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan that:

“President Donald J. Trump has directed a National Security Council-led interagency review of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that will evaluate whether suspension of sanctions related to Iran pursuant to the JCPOA is vital to the national security interests of the United States.”

Due to the Iran Nuke Deal already being embedded thanks to the Obama administration, it seems as if Trump can’t do much wiggling with the Iran Deal for now. Sadly, the Iran Deal is so terrible that at this point if you even tried to undo any part of it — it would just make it worse (in my opinion).  Trump has blasted the Iran Nuke Deal as “one of the worst deals ever made”

These four brief yet informative articles let you know EVERYTHING necessary to fully grasp how pointless the Iran Nuclear Agreement truly is. Click the links & give ’em a glimpse!

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(NationalInterest gives you the chilling rundown on the ‘4 Fatal Flaws’ of Obama’s tyrannical, treasonous Iran deal)
(Kevin McCarthy uses delicious logic to diagnose the dipsh*t deal that Obama made with Iran)

.. President Trump’s son, Eric Trump said that the Iran Nuke Deal is one of the main reasons why his dad decided to run.

Trump’s Defense Secretary James Mattis even admitted that Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal did not live up to what he said it would. The truth is folks, there’s no way to fully monitor Iran’s nuclear doings. Sure, we may get a glimpse or may get a good idea of whether or not they’re close to acquiring a nuke — but Iran could be hiding something from us for all we know. Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal is truly stupid & truly a deal made with an uncertain destination. Obama, boy oh boy. Obama. Wow, that man is total degenerate Islamic trash

So many people have made strong anti-Iran Deal statements. But one of the most vivid and powerful and fitting statements I’ve ever heard about the Iran Deal is when former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Obama’s Iran Deal is ‘leading Israelis to the oven’ .. YES, Huckabee got berated for being insensitive by saying Obama empowering anti-Israel Iran has resemblances to Hitler gassing Jews. But dammit, Huckabee really hit the nail on the head. Maybe Huckabee should have used different lingo BUT DAMMIT sometimes you gotta be a little offensive JUST TO WAKE PEOPLE UP TO THE FACT that the president is actually building up the power of the #1 sponsor of terror. So yes, I do like Huckabee’s statement about the horrendous Iran Deal. If it offended you then grow some balls.

Obama then had the audacity to say Huckabee’s comments were ‘sad’ .. Sad? No. President Obummer, what’s really sad is the fact you loosened economic sanctions on the world’s top terror sponsor while giving them billions. Those billions you flowed up Iran’s a$$ went straight to the Islamic terrorists the U.S. military troops are fighting you traitor. And despite what you said, war was not the only alternative to handling Iran’s potential nuclear production. Huckabee pointed out that MORE ECONOMIC SANCTIONS would choke them like crazy. And with all the allies that the U.S. has (the whole western world & many more countries spread across the world), we could have had nearly the whole world boycotting any types of economic business with Iran. That would put an end to Iran’s bullsh*t. Iran would either get depleted financially really badly that Iran would have no choice but to hand us over the nuke-making equipment and finally give up on producing nuclear weaponry. And there are other alternatives as well. But instead, Obama loosened sanctions & gave Iran billions. WOW. That’s what’s REALLY SAD, Obama.

SO DUE TO THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION’s TREASONOUS, EVIL IRAN NUKE DEAL (Hillary was a major part of it as we all know), WE’RE STUCK HERE WITH THIS DIAPER OF SH*T CALLED THE IRAN NUKE DEAL. Well, despite this MEGA SH*TSTAIN OF A DEAL (utter embarrassment), Trump is not gonna let it stop him from showing Iran who’s boss.

Image result for truMP VS IRAN

Former Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke out against Trump, obviously enraged by the Syrian strike still. A few days back, former Iran president Ahmadinejad laughably claimed that “Iran is a powerful country and people like Mr. (Donald) Trump or the United States administration cannot hurt Iran,” Check out the rest of what this Muslim twit has to say here.

Iran knows that Trump is not owned by foreign groups & therefore isn’t a globalist bootlicker like Bush or Obama. Iran fears Trump. The crazy Mullahs will put on a tough front and act unfazed by Trump’s ‘take no prisoners’ approach to them & their little monsters ISIS. But trust me Iran is worrying their a$$ off. Iran can get up on TV with their goofy nutsack hats & their faggot garbs, while standing all around posturing in their little homoerotic fashions. But anyone can see through those worldly possessions and know that these are evil, vapid, immoral, demonic entities with no a soul as black as night. Iran’s chirping against Trump is just out of fear and insecurity of what’s to come under Trump. Iran KNOWS that their sweet sauna boy Barry has gone home & that there’s a real man with a patriot’s heart, watermelon-sized balls, and a highly informed brain ready to f**k them up. And that real man is TRUMP.

Whether it’s N. Korea’s Chode Chief Kim Dong-dipsh*t playing with nukes or killing random people for fun .. or whether it’s some cowardly loudmouthed Iranian Muslim Jihad Gov’t Officials trying to look tough.. or whether Obama & Hillary’s babies ISIS doing the most demonic & depraved wickedness the world’s ever witnessed (until an MOAB or something like that destroys the creatures spawned by BARACK HUSSEIN OBOMBA & HILDEBEAST K-K-Klinton).. WHATEVER TYPE OF EVIL IT IS, IT IS TRULY A PERILOUS WORLD RIGHT NOW.But at least Trump and his cabinet is not out to hurt us. Let’s just pray the current leadership which has AMERICA FIRST values can keep strong against the darkness.