Ever since the Syrian airstrike, it’s safe to say the Ayatollahs of Iran have gotten a little squirmy. And then the MOAB being dropped on a massive ISIS infiltrated cave, killing at least 94 ISIS savages along with destroying the underground tunnel system, really showed the world that the U.S. means business.


In response to Trump’s election, we’ve seen the Iranian gov’t promote synthetic rallies wear Trump’s face is stepped on or Trump is mocked while the crowd yells ‘DEATH TO AMERICA’ .. But this is not out of confidence, this is out of fear. The Iranian gov’t is truly a sadistic, twisted, evil group of deluded men who claim Allah will lead them to victory no matter what. Well they can keep on with their delusions about one day ruling the world because they think their ‘Allah’ or whatever supports their oppression and barbaric actions. Because delusions don’t matter once you get hit in the face.

With Sec. of State Rex Tillerson just announcing that the Trump administration is considering reapplying the certain sanctions Obama withdrew from Iran in 2015, and with a former Iran President boldly yet ignorantly saying that ‘Iran is too powerful for the U.S. and President Trump to hurt’ in a show of hysterical posturing .. it’s time for the games to end.

The Iranian Ayatollahs are truly worried because they know Trump isn’t a neocon like McCain or George Bush or little squishy Jeb or little pussyfooted Evan McMullin or weird freak Lindsey Graham, etc. Therefore there will be no bootlicking from Trump. And the Iranians are super worried due to the fact the 8 great years they enjoyed of abusing Obama like a b*tch are over (Iran Nuke Deal, billions being given by Obama, sanctions lifted), they now must deal with a truly one-of-a-kind U.S. President Donald J Trump (the first full-fledged outsider to become president) and they must now deal with Trump who has the balls to stand up for justice with military might IF NECESSARY.

So Trump self-funded his campaign and got elected, which is a positive thing because that means no foreign groups of gov’s have bondage of him. Trump is pragmatic and free to do what he wants policy-wise. But that’s not the real reason why Iran is fearful of Trump, because he’s pursuing pro-America policies and is the real deal. Iran knows Trump is


& they know Trump is out to take down any evildoers who attack innocents. Trump isn’t a neocon who invades for money or kills for oil or whatever the case may be. Trump is a man who only wants foreign intervention IF it’s to save innocent people from evil Satanic monsters who are brutally oppressing/murdering for no reason. Trump is not out to mess with any potential countries who are distance to the U.S.A. Trump is okay with them as long as they’re peaceful. Trump is open to negotiating and diplomatically reaching solutions to prevent violence from erupting. But when EVIL SATANIC MEN such as the Syrian gov’t officials & military personnel start ruthlessly committing mass genocide of men, women, children, and babies — that’s just way too damn much. Trump is a tough son of a bitch. He isn’t Reagan, and Reagan isn’t Trump. They are both different types of guys with different policies but despite their MAJOR DIFFERENCES — they do have some similarities that people always notice. And I’m sure Iran notices that Trump is the first true American patriot that the U.S. has had as President since a man they hate named Ronald Reagan.

Compare and contrast. Reagan was focusing on fixing America’s issues at home, Trump is doing the same. Reagan just tried to fix America’s issues, and then outta nowhere Gaddafi sadistically attacked ally Germany and killed innocents in the name of Allah and Islamic terrorism. So Reagan bombed the hell outta the area Gaddafi was in, and Gaddafi narrowly escaped. Trump is focusing on #AmericaFirst policies and fixing major issues on the homeland, similar to Reagan in a way.

Unlike Bush & Obama, Reagan wasn’t afraid to go straight at Iran’s gov’t with attacks.

But then Assad launches chemical gas attack and kills so many innocents. So Trump steps up & launches 59 massive missiles from A REALLY LONG DISTANCE AWAY and totally obliterate a very vital Syrian military airbase along with a hell of a lot of their jets and equipment.

And what’s nice is, seeing Trump regally refused to invade Syria like neocons want. Trump’s got a backbone because it takes strength and confidence to reject the neocons, because if he deployed troops to Syria — the neocons wouldn’t BASH HIM & TRY TO DAMAGE HIM so much.

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I do like that Trump has Mattis as his Defense Sec. Both men are Americana, in different ways. Both men have TRUE LOVE for the U.S.A. & ARE DOING THEIR BEST for the American people. Both men have mutual respect for one another, not because they’re kissing each others’ asses BUT BECAUSE they’re not afraid to have disagreements and then discuss them like real men do. And that’s where comradery is born & brotherhood comes in. Both men from very different backgrounds & as different as you could get — but both smart, successful, hard-working, passionate patriots. Both men working together to keep the U.S.A. the best country in the world & both men working to make it even better.

Now back to Iran. JUST A DAY AGO, Defense Sec. Mattis met with senior Saudi officials to discuss regional issues. After the meeting, Mattis answered a reporter’s question about Iran & Mattis DROPPED BOMBSHELLS.

Mattis, who is PUBLIC ENEMY #1 Of IRAN, said:

Everywhere you look, if there’s trouble in the region, you find Iran.

The nations in the region and others elsewhere are trying to checkmate Iran and the amount of disruption, the amount of instability they can cause.”

-Defense Sec. Mattis

Iran is still the top sponsor of terrorism in the world.

Mattis has fought Iran-funded ISLAMIC TERRORISTS for decades. When it comes to fighting radical Islamic terror, Mattis is as experienced as you can get. He’s called the ‘War Monk’ for a reason. Mattis dedicated himself to becoming the best warrior he could be, while simultaneously teaching his troops all he knows. Mattis is a legendary warrior of our time. And boy-oh-boy, does he hate Iran or what…


The Iranian Ayatollahs fund and synthetically put together ‘DEATH TO AMERICA’ rallies & anti-Trump rallies as well. This is out of fear to Trump’s no bullsh*t approach. And out of worry that pro-western sentiments are growing, as more grow hateful of the fascist Muslim dictatorship system they’re oppressed & locked into.

Women are treated like subhumans under the Iranian Islamic laws. This is the ‘religion of peace’, I suppose? This is the type of gov’t Obama & Hillary purposely built up? The Iranian state that funds Islamic terror groups more than anyone else on the globe. This is who our elected officials were LITERALLY bestfriends with, folks. SICK, SICK, EVIL!

Women’s rights in Iran are nonexistent. Iranian women are practically state property and nothing more under the Iranian dictatorship.

Back in 1979, the Iranian Ayatollahs truly began their oppressive Islamic autocrats & it’s been this way ever since.


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wrote a powerful op-ed for WashTimes in July 2016, calling on Iranian citizens to stay hopeful & reminding them that the U.S. wants to remove the autocratic oppressive gov’t that enslaves you.

Today Defense Sec. Mattis is in Cairo, Egypt to discuss regional issues. This is a very important day for Sec. Mattis, as many of Egypt’s corrupt politicians have slammed Trump for the Syrian airstrike. Egypt is pretty weak & poses no threat to the U.S. but Mattis is the type of man who wants to take reasonable steps to improve relations anywhere he can. Egypt President Al-Sisi has reframed from bashing President Trump, but it does seem as if he’s quietly against the airstrikes. Egypt President Al-Sisi & President Trump have had a pretty good relationship ever since first meeting when Trump was the Republican Nominee.

Just around ound 10 days back, Pres. Trump reached out to Al-Sisi after the terror attacks to let him know he supports Egypt in the face of Islamic terrorism. Trump also tweeted out his support for Al-Sisi.

Tomorrow Sec. Mattis will meet with the Israeli Defense Minister and other top Israeli officials. A major subject will be Iran and how the U.S. can work with Israel to better stabilize the region and maintain Israeli security. Sec. Mattis will also meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has a fantastic friendship with President Trump. Netanyahu boldly supported Trump’s airstrikes on Syria as well, saying that Trump’s strikes represented a “message of resolve” (unlike Obama who would be handwringing and scared to attack his Iranian boyfriends). Netanyahu said that Trump’s 59 airstrikes on Syria’s base “sent a strong and clear message today that the use and spread of chemical weapons will not be tolerated.

Well it seems as if Netanyahu and Mattis see eye-to-eye when it comes to Syria and Iran. So I don’t see any reason why the meeting would be anything less than great and productive.