Well it is no shocker when some dingbat like Senator Warren compares the two — I mean she is the loopy white chick who lies about being a Native American. But when a MSM outlet posts a headline so ridiculous, it’s truly annoying. Senator Warren is more funny to watch than she is annoying, because the stuff that leaves her birdbrain out through her piehole is so stupid most of the time it’s like an SNL skit.

Now while I’m not shocked to see such dishonesty in another major media headline, it is truly annoying. As we see this bullsh*t constantly!

So WashPo writer Dana Milbank starts off the retarded article like it’s a letter written by someone to Kim Jong-un.

Dear Mr. Kim:

I write to congratulate you on the occasion of your late grandfather’s 105th birthday. I heard about the difficulties you had with the missile this weekend, but be assured that the launch was cheered by thousands of Muslims in Jersey City.

So you’re reading the article from Kim Jong-un’s POV. Notice that he mentioned ‘thousands of Muslims in Jersey City’ .. Obviously this WashPo hack is taking a potshot at Trump. This WashPo hack wants you to still think that Trump just made up the story of Muslims celebrating on 9/11. Trump didn’t make it up. It happened.


The MSM claimed Trump was a liar when he said Muslims celebrated on 9/11 as they watched the Twin Towers crumble. Well, the MSM was proven wrong again and there are vintage reports from 9/11 discussing how Muslims were caught cheering on rooftops and dancing in the streets while the WTC was being burnt up.


And not only that, so many strangers back up Trump’s claim. Police officers also came out in public support for Trump’s claim, validating it’s truth.

I mean GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY, people. It was known for years that Muslims celebrated in Jersey City & NYC during the 9/11 attacks .. but when Trump said it, the MSM acted like he was crazy.

Funnily enough WashPo published a report in 2001 verifying the fact that Muslims were partying on rooftops while they watched the Twin Towers go up in flames. There are local news reports out there as well from 2001, reporting on Muslims celebrating in the streets during the 9/11 attacks. Police reports, eyewitnesses, local news reports, national news reports, video footage and all of this evidence that’s been public forever. And yet this douchebag WashPo writer is mocking the ‘Muslims celebrated’ claim. Sorry bud, but the MSM tried to shut down Trump’s FACTUAL CLAIM in Dec. 2015 & truth prevailed as proof prevailed. And it’s gonna stay that way. Muslims in Jersey City & New York celebrated and threw impromptu parties as the WTC was under attack. IT’S UNDENIABLE. The proof is everywhere, dumbo. Omg. I need a minute.


BOOM. Bombshell above. That’s an excerpt from a WashPo report published just days after the towers were struck. HITCHA HARD AGAIN, Dana Milbank. You can act like Trump lied but anyone who cares about doing research INSTEAD of relying on major corporations all the time, will see through your bullsh*t Dana Milbank. Really sad that your own employer MADE YOU LOOK LIKE A DUNCE an old report! HAHA. Dana Milbank is a dunce!

Later on down the WashPo article, the letter (which is portrayed as a letter written to Kim Jong-un) says:

“President Trump has been practicing the “madman theory,” which your family has used well: If people think you are insane, they’ll give you a wide berth. But Trump does such a convincing job portraying a madman that he might actually be a madman. It may surprise you to hear me say that, but here in America we can criticize our leader without fear that our coffee will be poisoned and we will keel over onto our 8jmkiuh9tr5f44444444444444444444444444444444uKidding!

As you see, the sentence ends off with the writer mentioning that he can insult Trump without fear of being killed.. and then the pun is that he drink the coffee and was poisoned .. I guess because this is some alternate reality where Trump is an autocrat who has you killed for insulting him. Uh, okay. Wtf kind of bullsh*t is this, Washington Post? I’m not too fond of any MSM outlets but I thought WashPo actually required quality work to be published. Guess not because this is not funny nor is it original. It’s just another leftist trying to say Trump is going to become a murderous dictator. Well, let’s ask Mark Dice.

Ugh. I guess I’ll dissect the rest of this God-awful article.

The point is we don’t know if he’s bluffing or if he’s crazy. And neither do you. Surely it didn’t escape your notice that he arranged his response to one of your recent missile tests while dining in public at his Florida country club. He was also at Mar-a-Lago, eating “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake” with Chinese President Xi Jinping, when he approved the missile attack on Syria, which he mistakenly called Iraq.

As you see the article now takes petty potshots at Trump for responding to a N. Korea missile test while he was at Mar-a-Lago. So what’s the big deal? There’s no security issue whatsoever, like the MSM has falsely claimed. The MSM wildly claims that Trump is risking nat’l security & blah-blah-blah at Mar-a-Lago. Well, if that were the case I’d call out Trump. But it’s not the case, as no classified info is ever brought by Trump into an outside area (patio area included).

The MSM has endlessly ran stories claiming Trump’s rare discussions at Mar-a-Lago pose a risk to national security. Well if that were the case then I’m sure the Sec. Service or President Trump’s inner-circle would let him know.

TheBlaze, owned by nutjob Glenn Beck, had a headline which basically said ‘TRUMP & JAPAN PM SHINZO ABE DISCUSS N. KOREA IN OPEN VIEW’

Close enough! If this were truly a nat’l security threat, the Sec. Service or CIA or someone in that type of area or gov’t detail would never allow Trump to discuss it out there. Plus, we are not sure exactly what Trump and his guests discuss at Mar-a-Lago outside — so don’t believe the biased MSM outlets if they say Trump’s putting nat’l security at risk UNLESS YOU CAN HEAR AUDIO THAT VINDICATES IT. TheBlaze report used CNN’s sensationalized excerpts about Trump and Abe’s discussion (you can read it all here). Bottomline is, if it were a big deal then top intel agents would quickly tell Trump to not discuss certain things in open-air areas. But obviously Trump and Abe’s discussion did not harbor anything that could hurt the U.S.’s nat’l security. Now I do understand why many are freaked out by it. And maybe just for professionalism, Pres. Trump should go inside when such a discussion takes place — just to be safe. The media is making this molehill into a mountain but I do believe Trump should probably hold discussions like that inside (even though not technically a rule).

The WashPo article also goes onto mock President Trump for mentioning how yummy a this chocolate cake was that him and Chinese President Xi Jinping indulged in. In the interview with Fox Business, Trump discussed how he told President Jinping about the Syria strike — and Trump being Trump briefly mentioned that during the meeting him and Jinping ate some delicious chocolate cake. So what? Trump can’t have a personality? Wtf.

FOR ONE THING, interviewer Maria Bartiromo really was interested in every detail about how and when Trump told Chinese President Jinping about the Syrian strike during the dinner. If you watch the interview, Bartiromo asks Trump if he told Jinping about the Syrian strike ‘during dinner or desert?’ So Trump responded by saying he told him while eating desert, which so happened to be some succulent chocolate cake. So the MSM, without mentioning the fact Bartiromo specifically asked him at what part of dinner did Trump tell Jinping about the Syrian strike, spread this chocolate cake thing and made it into a big deal when it’s literally the least news worthy think I’ve ever heard of. I mean Trump is literally attacked, berated, and abused by the MSM just because he told Jinping about the Syrian strike during the desert course of the meal. UNBELIEVABLE! And of course the WashPo article mentions how Trump accidentally said he struck Iraq while he was talking swiftly. Okay? SO WHAT? Big deal. Trump said it one time because he was talking fast. Jesus Christ. And if you did not notice, Bartiromo and Trump both corrected the statement. Trump’s a fast talker, he’s bound to misspeak at rare moments. BIG F’ING DEAL, MEDIA!

The article goes on with unoriginal attacks on Trump — which are truly cringe-worthy lines to read as you can tell the WashPo writer really put in effort to be funny (when it’s not).

The article mocks Trump for tweeting & mocks a 2014 tweet made by Trump about Dennis Rodman and N. Korea.

The article goes back to fear-mongering (LibTards have been claiming Trump is Hitler ever since June 2015 and surprisingly no gas chambers are in sight, hmm — weird).. The article fear-mongered about how Trump has Presidential leverage and can fire missiles. Haha, well no. I guess this WashPo writer also believes there’s a red button that says NUKE on it in which presidents can smash it whenever they wanna blow a country up & the easter bunny lives on the moon & .. You get the point! The article attacks Trump for mentioning the N. Korea problem at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Literally all Trump did was briefly mention N. Korea and said if they don’t behave then ‘you’ll see’ what happens. Ok? Big deal. No specifics or secrets were let out. Trump didn’t say the nuclear response time like Hill-Dog did in a live debate. KISS MY ASS, WashPo!

The  article also takes a little shot at Defense Secretary Mattis.

“There is still a chance that his advisers will talk him down. The most sensible one is Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. His nickname: “Mad Dog.””

This WashPo writer is a dumbass. Trump called Mattis “Mad Dog” when he introduced him but Mattis has stated he’s not fond of that moniker. For one think it doesn’t reflect him very well. When you think of ‘Mad Dog’, you think a vicious angry crazy dog attacking .. well, Mattis isn’t that… Mattis is known for being calm and content and observant instead of crazy and angry on the battlefield. But this WashPo writer doesn’t know this, because he’s a total MSM twit.

Image result for MAttis and president truMP

Trump & Mattis

The article (which was so unfunny that it literally gave me cancer) finally ends with some confusing word-salad which I guess is supposed to be funny (?)

Jong, if you really want to go after Trump, do it the American way: File a lawsuit. True, he has been sued hundreds of times, but yours would be special, because you could claim that his words and actions incited you to build and test missiles and weapons capable of unspeakable violence. You would be following in the footsteps of a revered American, Paula Jones, whose lawsuit against President Bill Clinton won a substantial payout and helped pave the way for his impeachment.

You would, I’m afraid, have to give up your nuclear arsenal to pursue this course, but Trump could afford to settle with you for significantly more than Clinton paid Jones. Also, I know from Seth Rogen and James Franco that you admire Katy Perry and margaritas. I can’t promise, but it’s possible that if you renounced your nuclear weapons and sued Trump instead, Perry might perform for you. And I would share my secret margarita recipe.

Please consider this peaceful alternative. Should you stay your current course, nobody knows what Trump might do. Not even Trump.

Okay so the WashPo article literally conveyed the belief that the U.S. President Donald Trump is more insane and evil than the murderous, nuke-obsessed, oppressive fascist dictator Kim Jong-un (sometimes referred to as Chief Chode or Satanic Chipmunk). Well, if you really believe that — like this WashPo employee does — then you’re f**king retarded. And the fact that this WashPo article ends off by saying that “Not even Trump” knows what he’s going to do is totally asinine. The MSM falsely claimed that Trump flip-flopped on all of these issues a few days ago when in reality he negotiated and resolved the issues, therefore shifting his stance on the specific policy.

Like when Trump changed his stance on NATO and said it’s “no longer obsolete”, the MSM attacked him for flip-flopping big time. But in reality, Trump got commitments by countries that they’d start paying their fair share in the NATO alliance — and wouldn’t be cheapskates when it comes to supporting the alliance. So after Trump got NATO allies to start paying up — Defense Sec. Mattis even let NATO allies know they need to step up also — Trump changed his stance and said it’s not obsolete because the U.S. isn’t the only one paying for every-damn-thing anymore!

So if you wanna read the full WashPo article then click here, but if you’d rather not get a brain tumor from reading such retrograde stupidity, then avoid the blue link like a plague.