U.S.-Russian tensions are heating up as U.S.-Russian relations are at a historic low. The potential friendship between Trump and Putin is pretty damn unlikely — despite the nice comments they exchanged during the campaign. As we know, neocon warmongers have been salivating over WW3 with Russia for quite some time now — and so have the left-wing Democrats. Neocons on the right & all Dems on the left praised Trump’s Syria strike, as they hoped this was the turning point in which Trump would start being a warhawk towards Russia. Despite Trump’s Syria strike, he still is not planning further Syria intervention & is hopeful that Russia will ‘come to their senses’…

Well, as of right now Russia still hasn’t ‘come to their senses’ as they still back Syria President Assad and hostility towards the U.S. still remains.

Whether or not the gas attack was a false flag, Trump decided to listen to the top military commanders and authorized the Syrian strike. If it was a false flag, then Trump didn’t know it — because if that were the case, Trump would never have made the move.

After the Syria strike, Russia sent out a warship and stated it was heading out to the U.S. ships. Obviously they never came close to the U.S. ships, as we all know Russia’s military stands no chance against the American military (Putin even admits this). Despite this truth, Putin obviously authorized the motion just out of pride — despite Russia’s military inferiority. The situation earlier today between the Russian Tactical Bombers & the U.S. fighter jets is somewhat similar, except a little more serious.

The U.S. Air Force scrambled two F-22 steal fighters to intercept a pair of Russian nuclear-capable bombers which reportedly came as close as 100 miles to U.S. territory.

The Russian bombers flew got as near as 100 miles to Kodiak Island, Alaska. The Russian Bombers (Russian Tu-95s) got as close as 100 miles to Alaskan territory, but only got as close as 280 miles southwest of the US Air Force’s Elmendorf Base. The USAF rapidly identified the Russian jets and rapidly sent the two F-22s out to intercept.

The USAF also sent out an E-3 airborne early warning plane to intercept the Russian jets. The U.S. F-22 fighter jets flew alongside the Russian Tu-95s for about 12 minutes before the Russian jets took off back to their eastern Russia base. According to the Wash Examiner, the Russian Tu-95s were not armed.

Despite rough relations between U.S.-Russia, some aren’t worried about today’s incident

According to a U.S. official, the interception was executed in a “safe and professional” manner, since the Russian bombers technically didn’t violate U.S. airspace or break international norms. Obviously with the rough rhetoric being spewed back and forth between Russia and America, it’s logical to send out F-22s when two Russian jets are flying close by — even if they aren’t trespassing.

While this is not an act of Russian aggression, it’s understandable why the USAF quickly dispatched F-22s to respond just in case. But don’t be surprised if we see real Russian aggression, such as what happened in June 2015 when Russian planes abruptly flew over U.S.S. Ross, just to annoy the U.S.

Earlier this week, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (who once received the Russian Order of Friendship award) said that the U.S.-Russia relations have officially hit rock bottom.

Tillerson also noted that “improvement in the long-term relatioship” is needed to resolve the Syrian conflict. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made some alarming statements after the Syrian strike, stating that the chemical attack was staged and not committed by Assad. Lavrov also warned that there will be “grave consequences not only for regional but global security” if the U.S. launches another attack against the Syrian gov’t.

Whether or not you believe Trump should have launched the Syrian airstrike, at least Trump is refusing to go all-out WW3 against Russia, unlike neocons like McCain and Graham.

Heck, if Hillary won we’d be in WW3 already due to her vain, arrogant, reckless, unsafe, headstrong policy of setting up an airspace. Hillary would already have us in a total war with Russia if she won, which a top military commander confirmed.

So whether or not you believe the Syrian gas attack was a false flag or not — and even if you disagree with Trump’s strikes regardless, at least Hillary isn’t POTUS. When it comes to Russia-U.S. relations, they were already stagnant but hopeful due to Trump .. and then the Syria strike happened and now we’re back to square-one. There is no way in hell Trump would have ever authorized the airstrikes if he didn’t think the gas attack was legitimate. So either the gas attack was truly committed by Assad or Trump was lied to and it was a false flag. So Trump is either being lied to by the top military commanders OR Assad really did launch the gas attack.

Trump is a smart and highly-informed guy, but he isn’t psychic. If the gas attack was a false flag and he was truly lied to by top military officials, then we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place — because Trump can’t do anything if the top U.S. military officials are feeding him false intel. I personally am unsure of whether or not that’s the exact case. I wouldn’t doubt it if it military officials fed Trump false intel to bomb Syria, but for now there’s no proof that’s the case. We’ve seen rogue, traitorous Obama leftovers in the CIA target Trump — I’m sure there has gotta be at least a few pro-Obama sleeper cells in the top military ranks.

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