On Monday, this year’s Boston Marathon commenced. Ever since 2013 it’s been a marathon remembered as a race which was struck by radical Muslim bombers .. but despite the terrorism, the city rose up & proved that they’re #BostonStrong. On Monday, it was a truly special race.

The most inspiring part of the 2017 Boston Marathon was seeing a retired Marine Staff Sgt. run the entire 26.2 mile race while carrying the American flag, while running on his prosthetic leg. Truly bold.

Sadly, some moron at Adidas sent an insensitive message out to runners after the marathon. On Tuesday, Adidas Running sent an email with the subject line saying “Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!”

Social media exploded with customers calling out Adidas for the insensitive gesture. Many social media users reminded Adidas that the real survivors of the Boston Marathon are the ones from 2013. 3 people were killed in the bombing and over 260 more were injured. Adidas quickly sent out an apology for the truly insensitive email subject line.

Yes, running a 26.2 mile race is as difficult as it sounds and I’m sure it feels like you conquered Mt. Everest after exhausting your way to the end .. but the Boston Marathon is not the type of race to congratulate runners on ‘surviving’ it. GET A GRIP, ADIDAS!