BOOM! Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte (who called Obama an S.O.B.) praised U.S. President Donald Trump, while comparing himself to Trump a few days ago in a news conference.

Philippines President Duterte is known for his anti-PC, blunt rhetoric like Trump is.  

“Trump is profound even if he does not seem to be one. Just like me, I am not that bright but I am very deliberate. I really think it over before I curse at you,”-President Duterte

Duterte also noted that he is very similar to Trump — as just like Trump he is criticized for non-PC, bold speech. Duterte also applauded Trump’s agenda against cracking down on illegal, corrosive drugs. Duterte is known for his very aggressive anti-drug policies. Duterte also applauded Trump for being “a realist and a pragmatic thinker” .. Duterte discussed many other things during his news conference but it’s cool to see he had a few nice things to say about President Trump.

“Have you seen his building? How can he be stupid?!”

-President Duterte (while pointing at pic of Trump Tower NYC)