MSNBC regular counterterrorism analyst Malcolm Nance tweeted that he’d love to see ISIS wage a jihad bombing attack on President Trump’s tower in Instanbul, Turkey.

Well this is pretty odd. Malcolm Nance is apparently a highly informed counterterrorism expert, yet he’s on Twitter joking about how he’d love to see the ISLAMIC STATE blow up Trump Tower in Instanbul. I’m not shocked though. MSNBC would employ dingbats like this guy. Plus we’ve seen CNN fantasize about Trump being assassinated, so nothing shocks me in the despicable MSM these days.

MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance cowardly deleted the tweet, but has not issued an apology for the sadistic tweet. MSNBC has not made a statement either.

Imagine if a prominent conservative pundit posted a pic of Hillary & Bill’s New York mansion and said “I nominate this building to be suicide-bombed by ISIS. Please do it!” The Secret Service would probably have that person in custody immediately! Actually, on second thought, Hillary would just have you murdered herself. She’s pretty good at it.

Malcolm Nance supposedly is a super informed guy, but like what the f**k did he post that for?! Like what the f**k, man? What is it with these anti-Trump people? They’re so violent and just wanna see destruction occur to Trump and his supporters and his buildings and his family. IT’S SICK.

Unsurprisingly, Malcolm Nance obviously believes Trump is a Russian spy. Wouldn’t expect anything less from an MSNBC junkie.

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