I’m not here to worship Trump & follow his every move like he’s a cult leader. As you’ve seen before, I’ve called President Trump out on mistakes he’s made. Sure, there’s been a hell of a lot more HOMERUNS Than MISTAKES (by a lot), but when Trump missteps I speak out. So if you did not like the Syrian airstrikes he authorized then I fully support you speaking out against Trump’s action. If you oppose the airstrikes because you think Assad was not behind the chemical attack, then okay. If you oppose them but don’t know whether or not Assad ordered the chemical attack, then okay. If you oppose them and believe Trump knew it was a false flag and decided to join #TeamNEOCON with McCain, Graham, and Jeb Bush on the starting lineup .. then you are gravely mistaken.

If Trump chose the neocon globalists over us, then he’d be deploying ground troops right now.

Listen, if Assad truly ordered the gas attacks — then his military deserves to be wiped out. But if it was a false flag to sucker Trump into bombing the airfields (which reportedly will help ISIS but I’m not buying that), then Trump was lied to by his commanders.

This Marine vet tells Trump he was lied to & tricked into striking Syria.

Either way, Trump is not a neocon. Worst case scenario? Trump was duped. I’m serious. The worst case scenario is that the U.S. (or Saudi Arabia) ran a false flag, the U.S. military officials then lied to Trump by falsely blaming Assad, which triggered Trump into ordering the strikes. The worst case scenario is that President Trump was lied to by all of his top military commanders. And if that’s the case, than it’s no surprise the deep state went for General Flynn right outta the gates.

Ron Paul says gas attack was staged event to seduce Trump into striking Syrian airfields

So listen up folks… IF TRUMP GOES SIDEWAYS MILITARILY, IT’S MOST LIKELY BECAUSE THE TOP COMMANDERS ARE FEEDING HIM FALSE INTEL. Since I don’t know whether or not the chemical attack was a false flag, I can’t say whether or not Trump went sideways when he struck Syria.¬†Now when Trump dropped the big, fat M.O.A.B. on Hillary and Obama’s¬†ISIS friends, that’s proof Trump is¬†100% legit.

Now if Trump started releasing money to Iran or if he started funding Christian murderers¬†and defending it by claiming they’re just ‘rebels’, then I’d say Trump¬†has gone sideways.

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Because if he did fund Iran &¬†militarized ISIS under the guise of the¬†‘rebels’ name, then he’d be doing precisely what Obama¬†and Hillary did.¬†Now folks, I do not anticipate Trump going sideways or betraying us. Nevertheless, I’m not a cult member and I won’t stand by if Trump goes sideways and completely joins the globalists.

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A decent portion of Trump’s supporters lashed out on the President and turned on him due to the Syria strike, as they claimed he betrayed them and became a neocon..

Now I get why they’re angry, because they’re tired of corrupt wars & lies — which is why they voted Trump, in belief he would not join the neocons or start WW3 like Hillary.¬†So¬†I understand their anger, because they believe the gas attack was a 100% staged incident just to sucker Trump into bombing Syria. Now whether it was a false flag or not, I think it’s stupid to ditch Trump now. You can be angry all you want, but to ditch Trump over the Syria strike is way too soon over way too little. The reason why Trump authorized the strike is either:

  • A) Military officials told Trump the gas attack was by Assad, and we must be respond to save innocent Syrians
  • B) Military officials lied to Trump and said the gas attack was by Assad, when in reality it was a false flag set up to trick Trump into bombing Syria’s airfields

So either way, Trump is not a neocon. Trump struck Syria once. Because he was tricked or because Assad really did the vicious attack. Don’t abandon Trump because worst case scenario is he bombed Syria over a false flag he was lied to about. It’s not Trump’s fault that every bit of intel in upper-military rank was telling him Assad did it. Trump practically has to rely on his military commanders or else we’ll see Obama’s ISIS children grow stronger. So Trump was¬†(at the worst)¬†tricked — therefore if you really left Trump over the Syria strike then you’re just a d*ck. Be angry all you want, I fully understand that. But to quit supporting Trump because at the worst he was fully deceived into attacking Syria, then you’re just throwing in the towel yourself. The total proof that Trump is not a neocon, is the fact that he told the warmongering neocons that there will be no ground troops in Syria — despite their wishes. With all of the neocons surrounding him, hounding him, attacking him, and (probably) threatening him — it took true leadership to stand strong and say ‘NO! I will not deploy ground troops in Syria’ when prominent cronies in his own damn party are willing to become sycophants and quit attacking him if he’d just deploy ground troops.

It takes a backbone for Trump to stand against ground troops, and to continue to stand against the devilish, tyrannical neocons (McCain & Graham especially).

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So folks, if you are mad at Trump for bombing Syria — then you must believe he was fooled by a false flag and lied to by his top commanders. If you’re mad at Trump yet believe Assad really did do the chemical attack, then I see you’re point in which you are tired of intervening — but when innocent people are being slaughtered and we have the power to save lives (children’s lives included), then it’d be hard not to want to step up.

You must understand, that when Trump intervenes — there won’t be any funny business like Bush and Obama. Bush and Obama intervened to slaughter innocents, drone strike children, fund the world’s most evil scum, destabilize the middle east, pummel 3rd world nations until they’re absolutely nothing, and to steal oil. When Trump intervenes, it’s only to protect the innocents and prevent true evil from becoming stronger. Trump, along with Sec. Mattis, are wrecking ISIS like crazy. Obama is a total Muslim Jihadist sleeper cell, therefore if he ever had the chance to drop the M.O.A.B. then he wouldn’t because his Iranian Mullah boyfriends would smack him around for betraying them. When Bush intervened and started this whole clusterf*ck, he did it for oil. Bush had kids, men, women of all ages slaughtered — mostly due to collateral damage as our imperialistic forces stormed Iraqi’s hometowns and blew it to hell. Sure, Saddam Hussein was not a very nice puppy but he wasn’t a threat to us. He couldn’t even take on the mincemeat countries around him. Also, Saddam wasn’t behind 9/11 .. and it’s still up in the air whether or not WMD’s ever were in Iraq. People claim that WMD’s were in Iraq but by the time we invaded they were gone. Others claim there never were WMD’s and Bush said¬†that they had WMD’s¬†just¬†for an excuse to invade¬†Iraq¬†and get some oil. Heck, I would not put anything past that rotten S.O.B. George Bush. I’m still uncertain whether or not Bush is the direct orchestrator of 9/11 or not. There’s so much evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. I mean you’ve got expert architects saying the Twin Towers would’ve never fallen like that. You’ve got highly-educated scientists who challenge the WTC collapse (scientistsfor911truth.org) … You’ve got NYPD firefighters coming out and exposing the truth.

You’ve got the mystery of Tower 7, which just randomly fell on it’s own. You’ve got all of this bombshell evidence and sketchy occurrences when it comes to 9/11. Plus if George Bush was not the direct orchestrator of the 9/11 attacks, then something undeniable is the fact he was warned multiple times about terrorists preparing to highjack a plane and fly it into major buildings. And he did not prevent the 9/11 tragedy from occurring, despite the major warnings he was repeatedly given. Bush could have stopped 9/11 but he didn’t. Whether or not he orchestrated it, I’m not sure. But Bush¬†did¬†one of the three things:

  • ¬†directed the attacks,
  • didn’t direct the attacks and just wanted them to happen,
  • or didn’t direct the attacks and didn’t wanted them to happen but didn’t¬†defend against¬†potential highjackers anyway.

Either way the guy is a complete d*ckhead. But there’s so much proof that 9/11 was an inside job, from top architects who know what it would take to make the WTC fall to first responders to top¬†scientists countering the¬†claim that¬†planes caused the towers to fall¬†.. And of course, why the hell did Tower 7 just randomly explode and fall down? Literally nothing hit it. Just weird. And George Bush’s reaction to being told about the attack is really weird as well. You’d think he’d be lowkey freaking out and politely dismissing himself from the classroom, but instead he just sits there like a bump on a log.

Did you see that bullsh*t? The President of the motherf*cking U.S.A. was just told that a plane literally flew right into the iconic WTC & he sits there as if¬†he¬†told him a sh*tty pun. I mean WTF, George? Did you know this was coming? Well, obviously. You either orchestrated it or you were warned. One or the other. We’ve got your b*tch ass either way. I mean folks, the¬†guy whispered in his ear that the tower just got f*cking hit high-up in the sky by a motherf*cking jetliner and all he can do is sit there with an emotionless look? I get the whole ‘thousand yard stare’ thing, but in this case you’d figure he’d show a subtle expression of surprise. No matter how disciplined you are, even someone of Bush’s stature could not help himself from organically grimacing at the news he just received. But no. Instead he just sits there like the man¬†said, “Sir, your Hot Pocket is ready in the microwave when ready. And by the way, your wife said hello.” LIKE WTF, GEORGE?! Wake up, fruitcake! So back to my point about Bush and Obama. When Bush and Obama intervene, it’s for globalist interests to enrich the political elite and corporate elite. It’s to cause mayhem, destroy countries, overthrow regimes despite no provocation & embed the region with the most degenerate, twisted, psychotic, demonic creatures that the world’s ever witnessed (ISIS & other Muslim Jihadists). When Trump intervenes, it’s not out of evil — it’s out of fighting the evil that Bush & Obama created and aided. Trump intervenes like Reagan did. If you attack innocents for no damn reason, then in response we will bomb your f*cking gov’t and military — so you know that we will not allow evil to rise. Reagan dropped a bomb on Libya, nearly killing Gaddafi, after he directed the Germany terror attack. Gaddafi was a piece of sh*t before the terror attack, but Reagan didn’t want to¬†mess with him because he wasn’t actively a threat to key allies. But after Gaddafi got cute and attacked Germany, Reagan justly dropped some fireballs on his front lawn and damn nearly killed him. And after that, Gaddafi realized that Reagan isn’t a p*ssy like Jimmy Carter. So¬†guess what? Gaddafi slowed his roll ASAP. Now Trump,¬†similar to Reagan, responds only to stop evil from becoming more powerful. Trump was told my top military officials that Assad killed innocents, so Trump — with the intel he received (if it was¬†false then he couldn’t tell) —¬†wrecked a major part of Syria’s military and made them regret¬†committing such wicked¬†genocides (that’s if it was not a false flag). So folks, Trump’s foreign policy is only to protect innocent people (mostly against the radical Muslims which¬†Obama and Hillary¬†created) or to ensure¬†the U.S.A.’s¬†safety is not threatened. Now you could say that Assad’s chemical attack did not threaten our safety, which at the time it didn’t — but if Assad truly did it & you just keep allowing him to do it (along with Iran & Russia as allies) then they’ll keep pushing the envelope to see how much more¬†we’ll standby and let them do. Therefore evil gets more comfy, and while our military is out fighting¬†the people that our traitorous gov’t created —¬†Syria is just getting more maniacal with chemical weapons. And when you let evil get away with¬†doing evil, then they just get more and more strong through terrorizing and bullying — until they’re a bigger power than you¬†thought they could have ever become. When Hitler and the Nazis were killing millions of Jews, and then trying to expand their evil empire, the U.S.A. had to intervene. The Nazis, at the time, were not a threat to the U.S.A. But if we didn’t stop the Nazis¬†at that moment, then they’d grow even stronger and eventually become a threat to the U.S.A. So the U.S. led the allies and took down the Nazis. Therefore the Nazis never expanded and their demonic doings were finally stopped. Same thing with ISIS. Obama’s gift to Trump &¬†to the world (a gift as sh*tty as a¬†bag of¬†dog crap on your front porch), ISIS,¬†could just grow stronger as¬†Trump sits by and watches them kill, rape, and enslave innocents.¬†Or Trump could nip them in the bud while it’s easiest, and never allow them the chance to become¬†an even greater threat than they already are. They’re not¬†“the JV team” and they sure as hell were not “contained” under Obama. Obama said that as a joke, because as he claimed ISIS was “contained”, he continued to make them more powerful through funding Iran and literally giving¬†the best military-grade weapons on the planet.¬†So yes, at that moment in time as the chemical poison spread through the air and murdered Syrians — the U.S.’s national security was not threatened. But if we just let Assad keep doing it & doing it (like Obama did), then eventually he’ll just get more evil, more genocidal, more sadistic, more depraved, and with the help of his evil allies (particularly Iran), he’d become a bigger threat that ever thought possible. Whether or not the chemical attack was staged, Trump responded with good intent. Trump either was lied to and falsely told that Assad commanded the attack, or Assad really was behind the attack. Either way Trump’s heart is in the right place. So if you’re off the #TrumpTrain because of that, then you’re either a petulant idiot OR you were never Stumping 4 Trump in the first place (*cough cough* Paul Joseph Watson *cough cough*). So folks, Trump has not gone sideways with the Syria strike — at the worst he was deceived. And as you see, Trump refuses to deploy ground troops for an Iraq invasion v.2 (Syria Edition) .. so that shows Trump is not a sellout. Now despite Trump’s accomplishments and good-doings, there are a few mistakes he’s made — primarily due to neocons deceiving him. And therefore, as a supporter who wants Trump’s agenda to fully succeed — I will critique Trump when he gets off course. If Trump gets off course here and there, then it’s because the D.C. globalist goblins (neocons, establishment Dems, etc) are deceiving him (through pretty lies, sycophantic behavior, or false intel). So when that does happen, I’ll call Trump out for making a mistake — until it’s corrected. But if we see Trump repeatedly journey off course of his #AmericaFirst agenda, then we’ll not he sold out. I doubt that’ll ever happen, because the word is that Trump’s a fatalistic man — who is so loyal to his supporters and valiant cause that he’d die before dishonoring his pledge to the American people. So like I said, when he is massively mistaken from time-to-time, then it’s obviously him being swindled.¬†If we see him venture off course a lot, then he’s sold out. I have seen no indication that Trump would ever sell out though. Trump has done so good and delivered on many key promises since being elected. He started delivering on his promises before he was even inaugurated. Trump’s making so many phone calls a day (reportedly 100s a day) to get jobs, and factories, and quality businesses to return to America and flood the country with prosperity and opportunity. Trump’s added more jobs that top analysts predicted he would in his first few months as president. Trump’s got the wall blueprint being pieced together swiftly as top contractors are bidding for the job. Trump’s pulled out of TPP, fulfilling a major promise to the American people — while simultaneously showing he’s got balls to put #AmericaFirst even if our allies (in that case mainly Asian allies) are praying we agree. It’s not that Trump was being a d*ck to Japan, or other Asian allies when he killed the TPP deal — it’s the fact that as a businessman patriot & the leader of America, he did what was best for the American economy & American people .. therefore didn’t allow a NAFTA 2.0 from draining the U.S. of it’s jobs on an even wider, more international-scale. Trump has delivered so much & gut-punched globalism & has refused to compromise with so many phony world leaders — that it shows he is the real deal. But like all humans, he is also prone to mistakes. When he missteps, let him know & he’ll correct it sooner than you think (he realized his mistake with the RINOcare bill & planning to return with his original promise). Trump is a promise-keeper. TPP and Neil Gorsuch and The Wall and Protecting American Jobs and Bringing In Waves Of New Businesses and Deporting Illegal Aliens and Rolling Back Obama’s Anti-Coal Regulations and¬†Stopping Gov’t From Forcing People To Pay For Baby Harvesting (Planned Parenthood) and Rebuilding The Military and Bombing The SH*T Out Of ISIS. All of those things are promises he has already kept OR is currently delivering on. This man is an oath-keeper & truly loves the U.S.A. and deeply cares for his supporters (which is why he bypasses the deceitful MSM by interacting with his supporters clearly through Twitter). Trump won’t make many mistakes, because he’s as sharp as a tack — but he is a human too, so when he slips up every once in a blue moon, he’ll correct it as long as we’re there to let him know what we think.