Last month, Canada PM Justin Trudeau warned President Trump against the idea of potentially implementing a border tax. I would be okay with Trudeau’s statement .. if he didn’t have a dairy tax on the border against American farmers right now.

Back in February, during Trudeau’s first White House visit — looks like Trudeau talked to the cuck Paul Ryan about unjustly putting up a border tax against us. Trudeau obviously wet his panties, and didn’t want to bring up the topic to Trump.

Trump blasted Canada’s dairy tax, due to the fact it breaks the rule of NAFTA & financially damages American dairy farmers. Wisconsin & New York dairy farmers are extremely upset with the Canadian dairy tax. Due to the NAFTA agreement, American dairy farmers always counted on being able to sale their dairy across the border without a problem — and it’s supposed to be the same vice-versa with Canada’s dairy farmers. But in February, Canada implemented this dairy border tax policy — despite the fact NAFTA forbids it.

Last month on March 9th, Canada PM Justin Trudeau lectured U.S. President Donald J. Trump about putting down a border tax (which Trump stopped Ryan from doing because Trump knows WTF’s up when it comes to economics).

“Anything that creates impediments at the border, extra tariffs, new taxes is something we’re concerned with,” Trudeau said.

OH REALLY? You’re concerned with impediments at the border and new taxes? Tell that to our dairy farmers, you twit. I’m so glad President Trump blasted Canada yesterday. The MSM is poking fun at Trump for getting so riled up over a milk tax, but it doesn’t matter if the border tax was implemented to tax people for sending through jelly beans — the fact is that the NAFTA agreement is SUPPOSED TO 100% ENSURE FREE TRADE THROUGH MEXICO-U.S.A.-CANADA. And until that’s changed (something Trump could do), that’s the rules. As of right now, NAFTA still maintains that free trade across the borders must remain. But this nitwit parasite Justin Trudeau is literally not abiding by the rules, yet lectures Trump not to break them. TOTAL JOKE! Trudeau telling Trump not to embed a border tax is like Ted Bundy lecturing a police officer about how he should not break the law. Trudeau’s the one with the BORDER TAX. DAIRY BORDER TAX. And yet Trudeau really is warning Trump not to implement our own border tax? Wtf?! FOR ONE THING, Trump stopped Paul Ryan from attempting to embed a border tax against Mexico — because Trump (with his economic, experienced, educated mindset) studied the situation and realized a border tax at this time would just cause inflation and big problems. But it’s just the fact that Trudeau literally has a border tax against the USA, yet he dared to tell Trump not to do a border tax.

Back in March, Trudeau also told Trump that a border tax would hurt “not just the Canadian economy but the American economy as well” .. Uhmm, how about your dairy tax hurting our farmers’ financial state, dingbat Muslim boy?! You too busy with your nose up Allah’s ass to snap back to reality and realize your country is breaking the NAFTA rules?! Jerk!

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Now of course, I’m only bringing this statement up because yesterday Trump went to Wisconsin and took some shots at Canada’s dairy tax. Click here to check it out.