President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., appeared on Fox News’ Hannity last night and he let people know how proud he is of his dad’s significant achievements in his young presidency.

“I’ve seen more done in 2 months than I have (seen) in the prior two administrations”

-Donald J Trump Jr

It’s true that President Trump has fulfilled several of his promises in such a short time. In comparison to Obama & Bush — Trump is really showing them how a true American President handles business.

Foreign agent George Bush was very disturbed by Trump’s #AmericaFirst inaugural address. No Bush. Trump’s pro-America agenda is not ‘weird sh*t’ .. The ‘weird sh*t’ is invading a country & killing civilians for some oil. You piece of sh*t NSA tyrant slimeball.

In Trump’s first 3 months he has kept many promises and he’s taken action to fulfill other promises (such as the southern border wall).

When you look at all the jobs being announced by major corporations, all of the millions and billions of dollars of investments, and you see the stock surging and breaks the all-time record due to Trump’s pro-growth policies, it’s just all a good sign.

I mean after 8 years of the Obama economy (aka Bush Economy v.2) it’s amazing to see how swiftly Trump is taking action to revive this dead economy. In Trump’s first month, 300k jobs were announced — which were over 100k more jobs than the analysts projected.

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JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! #AmericaFirst #USA

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Trump’s agenda is all about cutting corporate taxes (the reason why so many people are investing), cutting financial regulations (caused bank stocks to soar), rolling back regulations & returning small gov’t principles. Trump is just doing really great and has totally delivered so far. Sure, he’s made a few mistakes but OVERALL he’s fulfilled so many oaths he made to his supporters. Also, before Trump was officially POTUS he was already saving jobs (no magic wand necessary) despite the fact Obama said he couldn’t save them. And the most amazing thing to me is the work he’s doing to secure the border. For decades, politicians have promised to secure the southern border and stop illegal immigration — and it’s only gotten worse. But a businessman aka President Trump, in just 3 months has already caused the illegal immigration to massively plummet & there are contractors bidding for the wall currently. In just a few months, a total outsider has already fixed 90% of the illegal immigration problem — now compare that to the career politicians who have promised to fix it for years and nothing’s been done. Totally amazing what happens when you get a president that is not owned by any lobbyists! Stuff gets done and promises get kept.