Washington Post columnist & Fox News regular Charles Krauthammer said Monday that President Trump’s tax return issue “is a dead parrot.”

Krauthammer, who is not afraid to critique Trump, took a stand against the calls for Trump to release his tax returns. On Bret Baier’s “Special Report”, left-wing NPR’s Maria Liasson argued that Trump’s tax returns need to be revealed and is still a vital issue.  Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist (conservative site) also agreed with Maria Liasson against Krauthammer’s view.

Tssk, tssk, tssk. Despite Maddow’s mega fail on Trump taxes, the left continues to call for Trump’s tax returns.

Yes, the rallies were organized by left-wing groups — but they weren’t “small”. I know Trump’s trying to downplay the size, understandably. Still, he’s gotta be honest. The MSM is uncontrollably dishonest about him, but he doesn’t need to stoop to their level.

accurate translation: “A whole lot of Soros-funded liberals want @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns. What a ‘big league’ (Trump doesn’t say ‘bigly’ like the MSM dishonestly says he does) #TaxMarch crowd in America’s murder capital!”

To an extent, I understand people wanting Trump to make his returns public — just incase he’s hiding dirt. But Trump was a businessman for decades, therefore has done business with several countries and organizations. Any dirt that could potentially be in Trump’s full scale tax returns will just be magnified by the media. Also, the far-left Russian conspiracy is not a legitimate reason for Trump to release his tax returns. Trump is not a Russian spy and that’s been proven. Time for the left to self-reflect and look into the corrupted Clinton Foundation, along with the Clintons’ longtime pay-to-play scheme.


Why doesn’t the leftist MSM look more into John Podesta’s Russian connection? It’s very vivid. Besides, if anyone’s a foreign agent — it’s Hillary Clinton (Saudis, China, Russia, etc). The MSM will continue to hysterically label Trump as a ‘Putin puppet’ .. If any president is a puppet, it was Obama (puppet for ISIS, Iran, Cuba).