This may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t care. I am a Trump supporter, and I’m a patriot. I’m a Constitutionalist, I’m a libertarian. And the ever-increasing police state in the U.S. must be talked about and stopped.

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President Trump has spoken out about how there must be justice for those who’ve been unjustly attacked by police (African-Americans in particular).

Despite this obvious truth that Trump has spoke, he is still a supporter of our law enforcement. There is a slippery slope if you’re pro-law enforcement, yet condemn police brutality. If you #BackTheBlue, it’s generally believed you’re against #BlackLivesMatter or don’t buy into the police brutality epidemic. Now I don’t consider myself to be a mega police supporter, but I don’t hate the police. I guess I support the police as much as the next guy. I don’t donate to police groups or buy them a coffee when I see them in McDonald’s, but I respect them as long as they respect me. There’s a sycophantic culture of Americans who support police. Now I’m not saying you should not support law enforcement, and there are many who support the police & quietly donate to police organizations, etc. But on social media, Facebook and Twitter mostly, you see many conservatives post all this pro-police stuff.

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Now being a police supporter is okay, obviously. I agree that police should be supported and respected. But there’s a lot of sycophantic, bootlicking, ass-kissers on Twitter who go over the top. They use the hashtag #ThinBlueLine and #BlueLivesMatter. Which I agree, police lives do matter — just as all of our lives matter. But conservatives on social media, the majority of them Trump supporters, seem to go over the top in their love affair with law enforcement. Not all Trump supporters are police ass-kissers but on social media there is a good chunk of pro-Trumpers who just metaphysically bow down to anyone in a blue uniform.

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In my opinion, many right-wingers (neocons especially) bow down to the police too much. I don’t hold disdain toward law enforcement officials, I respect the ones who truly do their best and I respect the brave officers who genuinely, selflessly serve. But to turn a blind eye to injustice, praise all police, and ignore the fact many are acting like autocratic ‘control freaks’ .. well, that’s just blasphemy.

My point is, you can support the police and respect them for the good work they do. They’re civil servants and they’re responsibility is to keep the peace and maintain the law. But too many police ‘enforce’ the law, and by ‘enforce’ I mean they do it in a autocratic manner.

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Now it’s true that BLM is funded by George Soros, who is openly out to destroy our country. And it’s true that many BLM activists are violent, intolerant, racist, deluded anarchists. But there is a minority of BLM supporters who peacefully protest. Now I don’t condone BLM people blocking the streets, that’s just pathetic.

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Blocking the street doesn’t call attention to injustice, it just enrages everyday Americans who have nothing to do with police brutalization. Therefore when people see BLM blocking highways, causing traffic jams, and shutting down roadways — it turns many against their cause. I am against BLM’s unlawful, destructive tactics .. but I’m not against their cause. Most BLM protesters are truly anarchists. Black, white, Hispanic, etc .. it doesn’t matter what race the BLM protester is, most of them are truly left-wing anarchists. There’s a very small portion of BLM protesters who don’t block streets, don’t attack white people, don’t burn down businesses, and don’t instigate problems. And that minority of BLM supporters should be heard out. Now like I said, despite BLM’s degenerative tactics — the cause behind it must be heard. Police brutality (against black people in particular).

There are many black Americans who are not apart of BLM, but they are saddened and (or) upset with the amount of instances in which a black person is brutalized by a police officer. This does not mean black people hate police, or hate white police, or hate the laws. This just means they’re rightfully worried about the repeated mistreatment of black people by police officers. The BLM movement is a radical, leftist, fascist anarchy group — which has taken the commendable cause and used it as reason to burn everything down. But so many black people, along with fellow Americans, are tired of seeing police brutality.

I am sick of seeing police brutality. I am not a BLM supporter. I am not a leftist. I am not a police-hater. But dammit, I’m tired of highway checkpoints and I’m tired of people getting arrested for protest and I’m tired of seeing too many instances where a guy or gal uses their blue uniform to reign down authoritative abuse in an unjustified manner.

I would say the majority of police are most likely good people, who genuinely do their best to serve their communities and keep the place safe. I believe many police do their best to respect everyone they deal with. And despite the fact that there are too many specific laws that infringe on personal liberties, I understand that police don’t make the laws — but the higher-up elite and political establishment hacks do. Still, I wish more police would speak out against certain laws that infringe on freedoms .. that infringe on 2A gun rights .. that infringe on freedom of speech .. that infringe on the Constitution, and the Founding Fathers’ values, and the Bill of Rights, etc.

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Nevertheless, I understand police don’t make the laws — and I get that many (if not the majority) of police are good people. But there is a big enough percentage (seemingly growing) of police who vainly assault innocents and abuse their power. And it must be addressed.

Sacramento man Nandi Caine was brutally attacked by police officer just for jaywalking.

I disagree with left-wing liars who claim Trump is anti-justice and supports police brutality. Trump has spoken out against police brutality.

He spoke out against the cruel and vicious shooting of Philando Castile. Yes, Trump is pro-law enforcement — but he wants justice.

And I want justice as well. As a libertarian and as a man who supported Trump’s campaign and voted for him, I do have some bones to pick with the 45th President. Like the tweet he put out about how ‘no one should be allowed to burn the American flag’ ..

If Obama said something along these lines, there’d be outrage from conservatives. Of course, Obama is a mega-tyrant and spies on innocent Americans and supports chopping babies up and is anti-gun and is anti-Christian and hates America .. but he never openly tweeted something like this. I understand that Trump’s tweet was solely a response to anti-American liberal, fascist flag-burners. But burning the flag, despite it being despicable and disrespectful, is protected under our 1st Amendment. Of course, Trump only tweeted this and never moved to implement such policy. Even though McCain wanted him to.

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Another disagreement I have with Trump, is the ‘stop and frisk’ support. Now if you’ve noticed, the ‘stop and frisk’ policy has not been implemented or motioned for by Trump. Despite his support of it during the campaign, due to Guiliani deceiving him, Trump never had Giuliani join his cabinet therefore the Unconstitutional ‘stop and frisk’ policy was never executed. Did ‘stop and frisk’ really save lives like Guiliani said? Sure, I guess it saved some. But Giuliani’s statement may be an exaggeration. While inner-city crime is a problem (due to liberal policies), ‘stop and frisk’ is understandably seen as a policy with a racist undertone. ‘Stop and frisk’ is not only a policy that just so happens to (basically) only target blacks, but it’s an infringement of privacy and freedom. ‘Stop and frisk’ is the epitome of a police state. When you go around demanding to search and touch and pat down and investigate people, for no other reason than their appearance, it’s the pinnacle of autocracy. Like I said, Trump backed away from this pretty swiftly. So that’s good.

Trump is truly for freedom, liberty, God Guts & Guns, the Constitution, Americana, etc .. but he’s prone to mistakes, as he is a human like us all. But you can truly tell he means well, and is not an evil fascist Islamic sleeper cell like Obama .. you can tell Trump is fighting for freedom, prosperity, and American nationalism, unlike tyrants such as Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, George Bush, McCain, etc. And we’ve seen that Trump is a promise-keeper, as he’s delivered so much and continues to do so — despite the opposition.

But Trump has been deceived by neocons and it seems to be continuing. Trump is truly out for the good of the country, unlike Obama and the Clintons and George Bush and Schumer and Pelosi and Kaine and etc.. Trump is a friend and ally of libertarian Constitutionalist Rand Paul’s.

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Trump is restoring sovereignty, fighting for the Constitution, kicking globalist ass, restoring the Republic. Trump truly wants to #MAGA & do what’s best for the country.

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He left his billionaire Hollywood A-List lifestyle just to be mocked, ridiculed, attacked, threatened, endangered, and bullied — just to save America from establishment globalists & tyrannical traitors in the elite and political establishment.

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But sadly, it seems as if neocons (formerly Never Trump) have invaded in his inner-circle and manipulated him. Overall, Trump has stood up for truth. And Trump is truly aiming to do so, as he fights to Drain The Swamp (despite any neocon distractions) .. but due to the pressure, and the threats, and the dishonest MSM, and the neocon globalist goblins swarming around D.C. — it seems as if Trump has been tricked into a few bad deals. The Syrian airstrike is debatable in my opinion. I’m not sure if it was a false flag or not. But something Trump got swindled into was the RINOcare bill.

When Trump lost General Flynn, due to dishonest reporting & overblown media headlines & deep state traitors — who suckered Flynn in and distorted the event, that was a mega blow. Now with Trump and Bannon’s obvious divide seeming to become wider and wider, it looks like The Swamp has blinded Trump. Trump has delivered so much that it’s obvious he’s as real as it gets, therefore Trump is not backing down from the establishment.

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Trump is truly standing for the truth, the Republic, and the patriots who voted for him. But it seems as if The Swamp has blinded him. The Swamp hasn’t gotten Trump to join them, as they know he won’t. But instead The Swamp, through Kushner and Priebus and other White House insiders, have infiltrated the President’s policies and deceived him a few times .. and it seems as if it’s continuing. Let’s pray not. Trump is real. He handles the immense and intense pressure like no one I’ve ever seen. He handles death threats, family threats, and dishonest press like no one else could. He’s thick-skinned and tough as nails. Trump is a throwback. Trump is Americana. Trump is the real f’ing deal. But he’s also human — and despite his loyalty to his supporters, he is being drowned by deceptive politicians in The Swamp. Currently it seems like everything is good for us Deplorables, as Trump continues to get stuff done — but there are subtle things (such as the Flynn departure, the Bannon demise, the Putin feud, the McCain support) that are signals that show Trump is being deceived.

Now back to the main topic. When you look at Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Terence Crutcher, Tyre King, etc. You see police brutality against black people. Now despite this being the central part of police brutality (at least it seems to be), there are a bunch of whites who’ve been unjustly brutalized by police as well. Dillon Taylor is someone that comes to mind. The MSM did not heavily report it because they knew it would not cause anarchy by BLM — but whether the MSM reports it or not, Dillon Taylor was unjustly shot down by a policeman. We’ve seen heartbreaking cases of pets being shot by police for petty, unjust reasons. Police doing it to innocent pets just out of cruelty (or carelessness, or both).

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We see highway checkpoints. We see people pulled over for darkly-tinted windows. We hear police utter racial disparagements. We see police target gun-owners. We see police arrest peaceful demonstrators. We see police yell at children. We see police arrest people for chalk. We see all this ridiculous tyranny. And the hottest subject of the past few years that we see is POLICE BRUTALITY. Police brutality is never reported when it happens to a white person, but it still happens. Nevertheless, police brutality is truly an epidemic for black people — and it seems as if blacks are treated worse on average by police. Of course, not all police (and I highly doubt the majority) of police are prejudiced against blacks. But there are too many instances where blacks are killed by police for no reason. Yes, we know there are hundreds of thousands of cases where police officers did good, brave, heroic things. And we should commend police officers that do good things (like Tommy Norman) .. and we should publicize and celebrate heroic doings by cops. But despite the good things police officers do, there are still rotten apples (even if they are a minority) in the bunch. And it must be addressed, or it’ll only grow.

The authoritative police state has only grown. Especially since 9/11 and especially since President George Bush’s tyranny .. but the police state continues to grow. This is due to political elite who destroy urban communities and flood it with thug culture, drugs, cheap alcohol, and destructive policies (meant to make them desperate). If politicians (Dems in particular) didn’t go out of their way to promote degeneracy in urban areas, you would not have had so much police militarization. You would not have had thug culture with destructive drugs. You wouldn’t have so many killings in urban ghettos (which would not be a ghetto) if it weren’t for destructive Democrat policies.

If it weren’t for the thug appraisal we see in the media, the mainstream music (aka Ear Cancer, aka Radio Garbage), and the propaganda that the gov’t & big corporations push on young kids — you wouldn’t have urban youth killing, dealing, sniffing, smoking, assaulting, robbing, drinking, and dying all the damn time. If it weren’t for gov’t promoted big corporate media glorifying ‘gangsta’ culture, then more black kids would be in college instead of 6 feet under. More blacks would be getting degrees .. more blacks would be having good families .. more blacks would be productive citizens .. more black men would be at home with their kid and wife, having a happy family INSTEAD of rotting in a prison cell .. more black men would having decent jobs (even if it’s just being a factory worker, or office worker, or janitor, or something simple) .. more black men would have dignity. I mean just having a simple job that provides just barely enough for your kids and wife is respectable enough for any man, and it’s the same for a black guy. But the black urban areas have been targeted and made desperate by big corporate conglomerates, mega media propaganda, and corrupted gov’t officials who go out of their way to make them abortion-loving, baby-killing, evildoing, pant-sagging, gun-shooting, drug-dealing, desperate people. When you see the mass imprisonment of blacks, it’s not because blacks are genetically more prone to be destructive (only a racist bigot would claim such), but it’s because blacks have been targeted and exploited by big gov’t & elite politicians & mega media corporations to enslave them to the system and make them think it’s cool to kill old ladies & sell drugs to 10 year olds. Blacks have been exploited, mainly by Democrats. Yes, there are plenty of successful blacks — and kudos to them. But the majority are truly having a rough time, because of globalist Marxist socialist LibTards in the gov’t. And because of the massive media conglomerates that flood their ears with pro-thug music, and stuff the airwaves with cop-hating, murder-loving, vulgar music, and plug the TV channels with thuggery.

Okay. So due to the policies of evil traitors in the gov’t and due to the depraved media (dishonest MSM as well), blacks have been made desperate and crime has exploded therefore gov’t expanded therefore cops were militarized therefore cops abused power more than ever (and continue to) therefore riots happen therefore cops militarize and look like autocratic armies in the cities. And therefore we move closer to a police state. And as long as blacks (along with every other ethnic group) continues to love and worship the pro-gangsta, pro-drug media system — and as long as American youth don’t snap out of the globalist propaganda transmission, then desperation will continue and the gov’t will never be truly reformed and therefore policies won’t help them and therefore we will keep seeing authoritarian bullies in blue uniforms unjustly kill.

The police state is growing. And police brutality, in all forms, must be confronted. I’m not blaming all cops. I’m only blaming the minority of cops. Aka the bullies, control freaks, racist tyrants, and the authoritative control freaks. I’m also blaming corrupt gov’t insiders, who have pushed policies to destroy places like Chicago and Detroit and Baltimore and Los Angeles and etc. I’m targeting anti-American, evil, cruel, sadistic elite D.C.-insiders — who are promoting, pushing, and applauding big gov’t as the solution .. when big gov’t has been the problem the whole time.

The police state must be stopped. And I believe Trump knows this. And if he doesn’t anymore, then he’s been overtaken by The Swamp. And he’s been deceived by their lies.