Tomorrow on the 19th, an asteroid roughly the size of the Rock of Gibraltar will zoom past earth and miss it by 1.1 million miles. When you think about how the moon is around 240,000 million miles away from us — and we can see it clearly, this is pretty sketchy to think how close this gigantic asteroid is.

NASA confirmed that there is no chance whatsoever that the 2,000 foot wide asteroid will hit the planet. Hypothetically, if an asteroid like this one were to ever hit earth, it would blast an impact crater about 6.2 miles wide, according to asteroid expert Dr. William Bottke.

The asteroid, being the size of the Rock of Gibraltar, could potentially be visible in the night sky for 2 days. Of course, a telescope will be essential to witness it. Confirmed studies state that an asteroid has not gotten this close to Mother Earth for at least the last 4 centuries .. and according to experts, another asteroid of this size will not skim so closely to earth for at least another 5 centuries. NASA also notes that smaller asteroids pass within this distance from earth many times a week.

But it’s rare to see an asteroid this size get so close to our earthly home. According to Dr. Mainzer and experts, a half-mile-wide asteroid (1999 AN10) will skim by earth even closer at a distance of 236,000 miles in a decade from now in 2027.


Analysis from 1999 stated that 1999 AN10 asteroid will skim by earth in 2027. NASA still says this is the case.

With President Trump massively funding NASA for a Mars expedition, maybe some astronauts can set us up a colony on the red planet just incase an asteroid clobbers us anytime soon.

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