President Trump has an #AmericaFirst view to immigration and refuses to let in migrants from terror-prone countries. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the opposite.

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Journalists from the Funke newspaper group said to Merkel that “Many people are convinced that the refugee influx has made our country more unsafe.” (it has: German women warned to wear sneakers, German women raped, German women killed, Christmas market attack, etc)

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German Chancellor Merkel responded by saying “There is no doubt that among the so many people who have sought shelter in our country were also persons who have become the focus of the security authorities,” she confessed, hastily adding that “we should not forget that our country was already in the sights of Islamic terrorism before the many refugees came to us”.

Yes, Germany with other western nations have always been in the sights of Islamic terrorism but your open borders policy has just made it exceptionally easier for radical Islamic terrorists to attack. Merkel is a total dunce!

Merkel also mentioned in the interview that she seeks to have friendship with President Trump despite differences. I know for a fact that Obama and Merkel are set to conspire to sabotage Trump coming up in May. Stay tuned to this site, along with WND / InfoWars / and Breitbart for cutting-edge news.