CNN has become the champions of fake news, and it’s not gonna end anytime soon.. When President Trump signed an executive order to begin undoing Obama’s green regulations, CNN said that it will not bring back coal jobs (total, total, total lie).

CNN then said “the reality is that the demand for coal in the United States has been declining for years due to capitalism, not government regulations” .. wow, just like when Bill Clinton blamed ‘capitalism’ and not his terrible NAFTA deal for the jobs going to 3rd world Mexico.

The article from the Communist News Network (CNN), also said communist China’s coal profit has nothing to do with their anti-eco policies. HAHAHA!

CNN article then cited: “There are a lot of market forces already driving the utility industry towards cleaner energy,” said Kevin Rennert, visiting fellow with Resources for the Future, a Washington Think Tank concentrating on energy issues. “Getting rid of the [Obama rules] doesn’t change that.”

CNN then noted that ‘environmentalists’ and ‘other experts’ don’t believe scrapping environmental rules will create new coal jobs. OOOH, Surprising! Pro-ecosystem environmentalists just happen to disagree with Trump repealing the pro-eco policies! WOW.

So CNN’s article can be read here, but isn’t it hysterical that they think we’re so ignorant?! We have common-sense on my site but we also happen to have a lot of info in this corner of town. So CNN and the rest of MSM can’t brainwash us with their fallacies! Will endlessly cutting taxes automatically turn the economy back on? While tax cuts help, they’re not magically going to fix everything as some people believe. President Trump knows this, and once jobs come back to America (due to anti-globalist policies), you’ll see the tax cuts make a difference as businesses (small, medium, mega) will make better profit due to less poverty and more purchasers due to more jobs in America due to Trump’s policies. And then the economy will be an economy by-and-for the American people with out cronies screwing everyone over (from within the gov’t)! .. CNN will go on TV and say ‘tax cuts don’t work’ or say ‘coal mining is dead’ or ‘Hillary isn’t sick & Trump’s afraid of stairs’ or they’ll say ‘Hillary will win the election in a landslide’ and blah-blah-blah. They think with pseudo-intellects (right, moderate, left) you’ll be so naïve to worship their word as true. But simple research and education and open-minded logic is all it takes to break free from the MSM matrix & globalist corporatist matrix (who have you Stockholm Syndrome’d)

Trump is turning the jobs and economy back on in America. Mexico won’t screw us over with the horrible NAFTA deal (which Trump vividly opposed back before Bill signed it), due to Trump’s #AmericaFirst approach. With a true patriot like Trump, we won’t ever end up on the cusp of a TPP economic suicide BUT INSTEAD we’ll have fair trade all-around that boosts jobs, profits, wages, and helps the U.S.A.