The deep state gov’t insiders are currently launching a total assault against hard-right Constitutionalist/conservative websites, for ‘colluding with Russian gov’t’ during election campaign. Yes, I am dead freakin’ serious. It’s twilight in America for conservatism, people. Wake up before every single pro-liberty/pro-Constitution/Christ-following rightwinger is chased down & thrown into prisons for being ‘Russian spies’. Because we are getting closer to such tyranny every-damn-day.

The mainstream media has been biased against the right-of-center libertarians since it’s corporate inception. The right-wing establishment has joined up with the MSM against Trump, and Trump’s patriotic group of supporters (conservatives, libertarians, and even Dems). The MSM has been in the corner of the establishment GOP & establishment Dems for so long. But once the ultimate outsider Donald Trump slapped the corrupt Repubs around & then took off in their car, it was then time for a full-scale corporate media jihad to be waged against Trump’s reformed Republican Party.

We see the same jihad being waged today against Constitutionalists like Sean Hannity, who supports Trump. And the MSM claims they’re the ones being attacked? LOL!

The American public is calling for CBS to release the full 45 minute interview between Koppel and Hannity, which they edited down to 2.

MSM establishment host Ted Koppel invited Fox News’ conservative commentator to come on CBS Sunday Morning. And when Hannity (stupidly) did, this old wrinkly dummy wearing a Justin Bieber haircut (Ted Koppel) literally looked Hannity into his eyeballs with a disgusting vengenace and said he thinks he is “bad for America” .. The pro-life Constitutionalist/conservative Hannity just reacted with a glimmer of shock at first, and then just commented “That’s sad, Ted. That’s sad.”

Yes, this major CBS News host says Hannity’s conservative values are ‘bad for America’ .. WOW. In what dimension is a diverse array of opinion just so terrible? Isn’t that what these liberal MSM puppets harp on all the time?! Hannity is someone who made it from nothing via hard-work, determination, and a #NeverQuit attitude. Hannity was a contractor, AND WORKED HARD to make things work fro him..but now he is a globally known top political commentator, who brings legit facts to substantiate his positions and debunk the Dems’ positions. Hannity’s belief in the Constitution, the Founding Father’s values, and all that made the U.S.A. the freest and most prosperous country ever .. is now a belief demonized by the MSM!

Now I know some smartass liberal will come on here eventually and say that America’s historically-Christian roots did not prevent slavery and blah blah blah.. Well this historically-Christian nation may have implemented slavery but it NEARLY DESTROYED ITSELF just to end slavery and abolish it fully in the first world.

Well folks, our Christian values got us through those bad times. It brought us to the abolition of slavery and the Christian values of ours have led us to fight against it today as good as we can. Christianity has been high-jacked and used for bad reasons before, but the difference is Islam is constantly used in a fringe way and it’s a threat that will not go away. There’s something wrong with apart of the religion, if it is the only religion that still does such wickedness that other religions left centuries ago.

Today the MSM defends communists, anarchists, Satanists, pedophiles, radical Muslims .. and the same MSM attacks CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES (especially pro-Trumpers). THE MSM IS TRULY, REALLY, HONESTLY PATHETIC.