I agree with most things that Tomi Lahren has to say about President Trump. I can recall a few times when Tomi was sensationalizing info to attack the POTUS, but for the most part (99% of time) Tomi has reported truthfully about Trump, while remaining bipartisan to facts. That’s something you gotta give someone credit for.

What makes Tomi popular? She’s not a great orator, she doesn’t seem to study too much into her reports (in comparison to people like me, Tucker Carlson, etc) .. she got out of college and signed up for an OANN intersnship but instead got an immediate show. Totally unheard of.

It’s obvious that Tomi Lahren’s physical looks is a major factor in Tomi’s rise to conservative superstardom. She comes across as ignorant on many issues but dead-on with details in other issues. Tomi Lahren’s good outweighs the bad but she still has some bad.

She’s been accused of her jellyfish-flubbery feelings, which can be seen by hearing her every other day (well, basically — you get my meaning) claiming she’s changed her opinion.

What are the odds that Tomi Lahren appears on mega-liberal National TV Talk Show & then just appears to have turned pro-choice over night?! Despite long history of pro-life opinions. This is the kind of stuff that makes me wonder if Tomi is just a straight up hack or if she does indeed possess her own beliefs, such as I possess my own beliefs.

I possess my own beliefs, and my own values. My values just happen to align similarily with Constitutionalists. Why? Because I want less gov’t & more freedom & more prosperity for everybody all over America! Trump’s vision for America can be made possible, but only through US AMERICANS putting our nose-to-the-grind. That quote ‘nose to the grind’ summarizes the a type of hardwork & focus needed to endure through life’s tests and become the champion you want to be! SADLY, you cannot discover your own personal beliefs if you shill for others.

Firstly, to be a real pioneer! To be a real warrior in your own personal battles of life, you must have a belief NOT IN THE KNOWLEDGE YOU DELUDEDLY MAKE YOURSELF BELIEVE (cultic brainwashing mental illness) can make you go overly-strenuous and too hard anywhere. In this here gym / college Mormon tabernacle hall oasis, you can rake a shower and change in and out all day long.  — especially the ones that diametrically ace you harder than anyone else. Well you can read that or this: or how to be a real maverick of your own colorful hue & uniquely painful bite.

Tomi’s looks propelled her to a big-time OANN show despite no experience nor legitimacy to the first years on the radip/ Yeah/ Really just a joke of a station in it’s originatio