I usually do not side with Glenn Beck. The guy is nuttier than a squirrel’s breakfast. But this time, I support his decision to excise TheBlaze of Tomi Lahren (despite her pro-Trump values).

Glenn Beck, who once threatened to kill himself if Indiana didn’t vote Cruz, claims that Donald Trump is a sociopath.

The irony doesn’t get any realer, folks! And he also said that Hillary is a better choice that Trump from a ‘moral and ethical’ standpoint.. because according to Glenn Beck, Hillary may be ‘cyanide’ but Trump is even worse.. Glenn Beck just says a lot of creepy, weird, sick stuff. There are not many individuals kookier than Glenn Beck — so if I am siding with Glenn Beck then you know Tomi Lahren did something horrible!

Last week, Glenn Beck suspended TheBlaze firebrand Tomi Lahren over her pro-choice comments on The View, contradicting core conservative values.


Tomi didn’t just say she was pro-choice, but actually said pro-life conservatives are “hypocrites”, so she basically insulted her own boss on national TV on the biggest feminist/liberal/SJW show ever.

It was revealed today that it’s not a suspension, but instead an official & permanent exodus for Tomi Lahren from the hardline Christian conservative website.

Lahren’s rise to popularity occurred rapidly due to her millennial age, her physical appeal, and spicy commentary against Dems, liberals, anti-Trump people, etc.

Glenn Beck, anti-Trumper in his own right, allowed Tomi free-range of commentary as long as conservative values stayed on target. But her statement claiming that old-fashioned Constitutionalists/conservatives are “hypocrites” because they don’t want Planned Parenthood chopping little babies up was just ridiculously over-the-top.

Apparently, Glenn Beck’s main motive behind the decision was due to Tomi disrespecting him and other conservative Americans on a liberal show such as The View, when she exposed her bigotry by calling pro-life conservatives ‘hypocrites’ ..

The NY Post’s Page Six branch reported that ‘Glenn is reminding the world of his conservative principles by sidelining Tomi after she insulted conservatives by calling them hypocrites’ & that Glenn is ‘trying to balance being a leading conservative thinker and also someone who can unify the country’ .. Page Six also reported that Glenn Beck ‘couldn’t sit by and watch as Tomi Lahren said there’s no way for conservatives to justify anything other than being pro-choice.’ Read the full report here.

I agree with Glenn Beck’s decision here. I may totally disagree with his stance on President Donald Trump, but I cannot blame Beck for taking a strong, conservative-principled stand in the face of his top employee’s insults.

I guarantee you Glenn Beck would have not axed Tomi if she just stated she was pro-choice, and didn’t lash out at TheBlaze viewers along with other American pro-life conservatives. Sure, Glenn Beck would have still been puzzled due to Tomi’s pro-choice comments & he would have wondered why reveal that in the middle of Libtardia, USA (aka The View studio) .. But like I said, had Tomi not totally give the ‘up yours finger’ to conservatives everywhere & instead just announce she is personally pro-choice, she would not have been suspended for it. The fact that Tomi insulted TheBlaze listeners, readers, & viewers along with conservative women and men across the USA, and the atmosphere in which she did it in (insulting her fan base, colleagues, and employer on a far-left feminazi show like The View) was just too, overly, ridiculously, heinously disrespectful! It’s as if Tomi wanted to make big headlines .. so she just decided to announce her pro-choice stance on The View, knowing the major media whirlwind it’d cause!

TheBlaze’s Matt Walsh quickly  struck back against Tomi’s haywire insults. And he did it with class & logic, unlike Turncoat Tomi (who showed no class). Walsh, utilizing logic in his editorial titled ‘Pro-lifers aren’t the ones being hypocrites, Tomi.’, exposed Turncoat Tomi for her shallowness & squishiness which led her to diss TheBlaze while on the enemy’s show. I agree things Tomi has stated throughout the years, but it’s hard to tell whether she means it or if she’s just vapidly bloviating ‘talking points’ for the fame & not truly passionate about Constitutionalism & Conservatism.

Tomi Lahren has been attacked for having a politically-mixed agenda, as she’s stated she has ‘MODERATE, CONSERVATIVE, AND LIBERTARIAN VIEWS’ .. Glenn Beck slammed Tomi for saying she has libertarian views, by citing non-libertarian Trump policies .. thus while ignoring Trump’s libertarian-esque  policies, positions, and plans. Trump, like Tomi in some regards, has a mixed-bag of moderate/conservative/libertarian values. Trump is just an overall #AmericaFirst POTUS, as he’s proven

from the start of his tenure — despite his flaws.  And Trump is a real patriot and not a shallow jellyfish like Tomi, who switches policies due to pressure.

So as you can tell, I have some big bones to pick with Glenn Beck and Turncoat Tomi.

To see TheBlaze owner Glenn Beck’s initial response to Tomi’s appearance on The View, check it out here:

Glenn Beck is a total dingdong — but at least he has passion for what he says. It’s hard to tell if there’s any substance hidden within the utter vapidity that sums up Tomi Lahren.