Some ANTIFA crazies disrupted the Pro-Trump gathering in Huntington Beach, CA earlier today.

Patricia Dickson, Trump supporter & Iraq veteran, posted these tweets:


Things were okay up until the moment ANTIFA stupidly started to pepper spray the innocent Trump fans. After the masked thugs began to cowardly pepper spray, the Pro-Trump marchers began to strike back.. and ANTIFA got their ass kicked! Here’s all the video footage you could ever wish for. Enjoy:

Stickman would be proud.

Fox News reported:

7News Melbourne reported:

After managing to escape, the thugs didn’t want to keep getting their ass kicked .. so they ran with their tails tucked! Annnd then, police caught them and detained them. At least 4 ANTIFA thugs were arrested in Huntington Beach. This is not the only location ANTIFA disrupted yesterday. ANTIFA violently struck other Pro-Trump marchers throughout the country. It’s good to see ANTIFA get slammed after all the trouble they’ve caused. ANTIFA made major headlines when they rioted at UC-Berkeley over Milo’s visit. They even used pepper spray there as well, including against a lesbian woman (who supports Trump).