Yesterday was Medal Of Honor Day, so President Donald J. Trump had 25 Medal Of Honor recipients join him at The White House.

The Medal Of Honor day is rarely celebrated, due to the serious nature of being rewarded the nation’s highest honor. Medal Of Honor day was designated by Congress in 1990, and has been largely ignored by recent presidents. Trump decided to change that.

Trump was joined by Secretary of Defense James Mattis (Ret. USMC General) & Vice President Mike Pence in the Oval Office for the commemorative ceremony.

There are only 75 living Medal Of Honor holders currently. The Medal Of Honor is so distinguished, cherished, and respected that higher-ranking officers salute those who wear the medal. It is the U.S. military’s highest bestowment. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society, an official organization for medal recipients, presented President Trump with Portraits of Valor, a book featuring artwork of America’s bravest & most valorous men — who were rewarded the great, distinguished accolade.