The political tensions are unbelievably bad in this country. Due to the MSM’s dishonest coverage fueling the fire, it’s just gotten worse. Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) tweeted out that President Trump is “an evil man” ..

His tweet was in response to Trump’s ‘Obamacare will explode’ tweet.

As you see, Rep. Lieu accuses Trump of ‘intentionally trying to destroy Americans’ lives’ ..

Obamacare has destroyed many Americans lives but the MSM won’t report that as much as it reports success stories to you. Instead they, along with Dem. Rep. Ted Lieu, want you to believe Obamacare is great & ‘really works’ .. The Dems and MSM also want you to think Trump is ‘truly an evil man’ & a Nazi.

Rep. Lieu and other Democrats in California may want to watch their vitriolic remarks towards Trump and his administration. Accusing Trump of being this wicked man is connotative that his supporters may be as well. And we saw how much of Cali turned red for Trump. You never know which state Trump could flip next.

According to Rep. Lieu, the Trump supporters who gathered for a march in his own state must be evildoers as well. The ANTIFA pepper-sprayers must have been angels if they were opposing the devil-followers (aka Trump supporters, since Lieu thinks Trump is so evil).

Some liberal activist concurred with Lieu’s disgraceful comment, by tweeting:

Think about it. These two west-coast dingbats would have rather had Hillary (a corrupt liar who kills people in her way of power and laughs about the cruel things she’s done) over President Trump (a massively successful businessman implementing #AmericaFirst policies)..

Stacey Roberts’ twitter handle says she’s a ‘Human Rights Activist’ which I find hilarious if she is an Obama lover (who droned the ever loving hell out of little children) or if she’s a Hillary fan (who is just as bad).

Lieu is an utterly venomous critic of President Trump, and insults the POTUS on a daily basis. He even wildly claimed, citing WashPo, that Trump didn’t even care to read the AHCA bill.