I like Gov. Christie but he is completely ignorant to the evidence, in this situation. Christie seemed to be loyal to Trump as he endorsed him in February 2016 and appeared as if he would join the cabinet. I thought Christie was breaking free from the corrupt inside establishment but I guess not. I would agree with Christie and side with him if Trump had no evidence, but the wiretap proof is everywhere. Christie and Obama have been shown to be friendly to each other, despite Christie’s sharp criticism of the former president. Maybe Christie is trying to cover up for Obama in this case? Would not surprise me sadly.

When Tucker asked Christie about Obama wiretaps against Trump/surveillance against Trump, Christie said “There certainly doesn’t seem to be any evidence of that at this point,”  despite the House Intel Committee proving it, along with insiders, along with a top NSA official, etc.

The proof is there. It’s plain as day. Christie is totally delusional if he really believes there’s no proof. THERE ARE BOMBSHELL REVELATIONS EVERYWHERE!