The utter failure which met the AHCA bill a couple days ago was not Trump’s fault nor was it the House Freedom Caucus’ fault. It was Paul Ryan’s bill which he got Trump and Pence and others behind, and despite Trump fighting like hell for it — along with Pence doing his best, Paul Ryan decided to withdraw the bill before a vote even took place. This falls on Paul Ryan, but it does not make Trump look any better. Trump’s been fulfilling his promises and putting #AmericaFirst. His first 3 months and their accomplishments are proof of that. But still, Ryan’s AHCA bill which failed is not a handsome look for the Trump cabinet or GOP.

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Paul Ryan’s spaghetti-arms are just as weak as his spirit.

The liberal MSM attacks conservative media (which admits it’s biased unlike MSM which lies about it’s bias) all of the time for pushing false info. Now I won’t say that the right-wing media is crystal-clear and perfect, because Rush Limbaugh is someone I would say skews a lot of stuff, but compared to the MSM — the conservative media is definitely truthful.

So when an article like that comes out, many will know it’s just a spin. But we must stay away from spin and utilize facts because us conservatives have facts on our side, which is why we don’t appeal to emotion like the LEFT-WING DEMOCRATS do so often. So since we are the side with facts and proof and logic, we don’t need spin, therefore why post something so dumb like that?!

RightWingWatch is a website used to make all Republicans/conservatives look absolutely insane. They take small snippets or statements and overblow them to make the right-wing look insane. Good thing for us, not only do we possess facts but we also don’t need a LeftWingWatch to spot & exploit the liberals’ nuttiness.

So when you try and legitimize the illegitimate, you’re appealing to emotions and not facts. Which makes you look goofy. The MSM looks goofy all the time for their delusional outlook on the real world & Donald Trump. Conservative media does not look stupid because we report facts and the proof is in the pudding. Don’t stoop to the liberal MSM’s level and don’t feed RightWingWatch any bait, because they need it desperately (especially now).

Cristina Laila of TGP swears that the bill’s eventual failure is apart of the #ArtOfTheDeal for President Trump. The article says RINO-care bill’s failure may just pave the way to conservative solution, as it alarms anyone asleep that patriotic Americans want less gov’t. The article also cited how Paul Ryan is opposed to Trump in many ways, which is very true. TGP then cited a 2 weeks old Breitbart article as evidence that Paul Ryan healthcare failure could be just the last piece to a Republican majority around a full repeal

Now that may sound nice, but even Trump’s most hardcore supporters could see the fallacy with that. Trump wants to win and waste no time, and if he knew Ryan’s bill would fail he would have never touched it.

Trump did write “The worst thing you can possibly do in a deal is seem desperate to make it.” and “The best deals you can make are the ones you walk away from..and then get them with better terms” .. but none of that is concrete validation that Trump secretly knew the bill would fail & Trump could foresee the future of how the bill needed to fail first before bringing a GOP majority together to pass a real solution. The article is mumbo-jumbo, which is sad because most of TGP’s coverage is very fair and accurate.

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Now we know Trump will not give up, and he’ll eventually trash the con-job called ‘Obamacare’ .. but Trump may not be keeping Ryan around much longer, as his tweet yesterday may prove it.