Ivanka Trump, daughter of the Prez, just got an office in the White House. She is not an official employee but she will adhere to same ethical policies that official employees do.

Ivanka once said she’ll never run for public office.. and that’s probably true! But now she gets a White House office!

Despite the fact the White House has been a magnet for Ivanka since the beginning, as she wants to assist her father in anyway she can (plus her own husband works in the WH also), the left-wing is now ticked that Ivanka gets an office.

The left seemingly were okay with Hillary (openly corrupt & shameless) being the President, along with her husband Bill (who showed how much he cares about ethics when he used the Oval Office for fun time) being the First Man .. but the left is NOT OKAY with Ivanka? Weird.

According to the left, #ClintonEthics > #IvankaEthics. STUPID! Just look at what the Clintons have done. Totally abusive to political office.

The left is flipping their lid over Ivanka purportedly getting clearance to classified info, but surprisingly seemed to be OK with Hillary’s maid having classified info all the time. Plus, what’s the big deal if Ivanka has clearance just to go pick up some documents off the printer and walk it down to her dad’s office while he’s in a discussion?! It’s the White House, with cameras and security and surveillance everywhere. If anyone wanted to do anything reckless with classified papers, they’d be caught on the spot inside the White House! Hillary’s maid, on the other hand, was able to check out the classified info in private! TOTAL ABSURDITY.

So Ivanka will not get a salary, and she will not be involved with any litigation concerned with her business. And her lawyer Jamie Gorelick (Clinton sycophant) says there will be no ethical issues as Ivanka will comply with the rules.

Ivanka, like her selfless father, will not receive a salary!

Trump is not corrupt like so many insiders are, which is why he’s flooded his administration with patriotic successful outsiders (that he knows and can trust). Trump can’t trust many of his own party’s members, due to special interests and being career politicians. Trump has drained the swamp as much as he can and will keep doing it, but as the leader of the GOP he’s naturally going to have the party’s parasites all over him. Despite this, Trump and Pence have stayed true to the American people and their progress shows it.

This new Ivanka story is just another way the Dems are going to complain about Trump corruption (nonexistent, just like his Russia friendship). I mean seriously people. Why would a multibillionaire businessman RUN FOR OFFICE, PUT HIS FAMILY AND LEGACY OUT TO THE PUBLIC’s SCRUTINY, BE CRUCIFIED BY A DISHONEST PRESS & SOAK IN THE BLOODBATH just to be president? As if someone of his stature would leave total comfort & paradise to be the busiest man on earth, aka the President. And besides, Trump’s a multibillionaire so what would be the point of running for office just to enrich himself more? HE’S RICH AS HELL.

Trump is not corrupt, it’s obvious — not just through his speeches or talk, but through his actions implemented in the first 3 months. BUT DO NOT WORRY. The media’s witch hunt will still continue!

Ivanka has not violated any ethics, nor has she shown the ability / desire to. Yet MSM claims she is a bloodthirsty money shark (no, that’s Hillary which the MSM tried to hide despite evidence).

Ivanka is basically immune to the left-wing’s attacks, as we saw the calls to #Boycott her Business FAILED. And the boycott calls didn’t just fail, but shot up her sales like a rocket ship.

So Hillary can be on the payroll of decapitation-executors, homosexual-killers, female-oppressing radical Muslims who don’t allow women to drive and prevent women from claiming rape without 4 men to confirm and sentence women to brutal physical punishments over cussing in private convos .. plus Hillary can be an agent of the mass murderous Communist Chinese and that is OKAY FOR ETHICS. BUT IVANKA TRUMP ISN’T. Only in the eyes of liberals!

You can read biased left-wing distortions about Ivanka’s WH office role here


here (called ‘reports’ by MSM)