The Republican establishment let Obama grab them by the p****y today .. that promise has been broken for now. It’s still very early in Trump’s administration, and Trump truly fought like a lion to get Obamacare-Lite passed, which would be the first step in knocking out Obamacare’s laws (next step would be allowing the new bill to get adjusted and then writing up another bill to eradicate remaining O-care regulations).



President Trump and his amazingly talented VP Mike Pence gave it everything they had to save America from the weight of Obamacare, but due to their own party being cucked  — ‘the nightmare’ Obamacare will remain in tact for now

Whether or not the 45th POTUS got swindled by some RINOs such as Paul Ryan on whether Trump had used his own business acumen and logic to understand that a full repeal of the disastrous socialized Medicaid program Obamacare would not have ever had a chance at getting through in one big swoop, therefore awakening Trump’s eyes to Obamacare-Lite needing to be first step in killing all of it, .. the fact is that it sucks to see ‘the big lie’ aka Obamacare remain. But we are just barely 3 months into Trump’s U.S. Presidency and he has already drain the swamp majorly and kept so many of his promises. I have a feeling Trump will devise another healthcare bill soon to reignite the process of perishing Obamacare.

Trump has fulfilled so many of his promises in just his first 3 months & has already proven to be the strong patriot needed to Make America Great Again. But with the GOP crawling with traitors, it’s no surprise that the left-wing called on liberal Muslims to attack.