The SJWs at Teen Vogue strike again with stunning stupidity.

In an article posted yesterday, Teen Vogue claimed that March Madness is sexist because of apparently ignoring the unprecedented success of the UConn Huskies Women’s team.

Despite the UConn’s women’s team games being aired on ESPN constantly & set to play today at 1 o’clock, Teen Vogue swears that they’re being ignored. LMAO.

Shame on ESPN for not documenting the UConn women’s team! Oh wait.

As you see, the Associated Press is totally ignoring the UConn women’s success. LOL.

Just days back, UConn Lady Huskies advanced to the 3rd round of the NCAA Women’s Basketball tourney — which was their 109th consecutive win. Obviously that’s a mega achievement and UConn women’s has many others, but for Teen Vogue to hilariously claim they’re being ignored is asinine. The UConn Lady Huskies’ success (I’ll somehow be labeled sexist for calling them ‘Lady Huskies’ and not ‘Huskies’)  is documented on ESPN and in the media all the time, being hailed for their success. You can watch the NCAA women’s tournament whenever you want because they’re constantly being aired on ESPN and other nationwide channels. For whatever reason, NCAA women’s basketball does not bring in the amount of revenue that men’s basketball does .. which justifies why you don’t see their games on CBS and other stations. Teen Vogue stupidly stated that if CBS would air their games, they would produce more revenue and generate more interest — which is a total fallacy. If women’s basketball doesn’t score ratings as high as men’s on ESPN, then why the hell would they equal the men’s ratings on CBS?

 For Teen Vogue to say ‘March Madness’ (an allusion to summarize college basketball tourneys) is sexist, is just despicably wrong. Is it ‘sexist’ that a workplace will most likely have men’s tournament brackets set out for employees than women’s tournament brackets? If so, then what’s stopping the female employees from laying out the women’s tournament brackets? If there was an interest, I’m sure they would.

If Teen Vogue wants UConn women’s games to be aired on CBS or TNT then maybe they should ensure every employee in their company watches all of their games, buys all of their tickets, buys all of their merchandise — so maybe they could help ease the ‘sexism’ of March Madness.