President Donald Trump met with members of the trucking industry at The White House on Thursday.

When they arrived, President Trump hopped in the driver’s seat of a big 18-wheeler and honked the horn.

Looks like Trump enjoyed honking the semi-truck’s horn on the South Lawn of The White House. The President wore a pin which read ‘I ❤ TRUCKS’ as he met with truckers and trucking executives.

Even VP Mike Pence stopped by.

President Trump acknowledged the hard work of truck-drivers, and showed his appreciation for the vital role they play in the U.S.

“No one knows America like truckers know America. You see it every day. You see every hill, every valley, every pothole, the roads that need to be redone. Every town border to border needs to be redone. It’s true. You love America, and you love the spirit and we love your spirit and we want to thank you very much because, through day and night, in all kinds of weather, truckers are the arteries of our nation’s highways.

You carry anything and everything, the food that stocks our shelves, the fuel that runs our cars and the steel that builds our cities. Do you think I wrote that? That’s not bad. Save that paragraph.”-President Trump