The day after a radical Muslim’s bloody attack in the UK, a small town in France nearly suffered one as well.

ISIS has called on ‘lone wolves’ to carry out attacks .. and these ‘lone wolves’ have been answering.

Just like the terrorist attack yesterday, this Muslim’s plan was to injure and kill many with his vehicle ..The Muslim terrorist was driving speedily through an outdoors shopping center, where citizens were walking about. Police saw the vehicle speeding as it ran through a red light. The police then chased the vehicle down as it drove onto the outdoor shopping plaza. Thankfully, the Muslim was stopped before he could mow people down with his car.

The van attack in France was an absolutely nightmarish scene. So was the Christmas market attack in Germany. Muslim extremists are utilizing vehicles a lot in their cowardly attacks. Now, let’s continue reading about the terrorist threat that hit France today.

The man was arrested and identified as a 39-year-old man of North African descent. According to eyewitnesses, many people fled for their lives as they saw the vehicle was not slowing down .. but speeding up in the direction of them. The police found a shotgun, a gas-can (unknown liquid at time of arrest), and knives — which shows you that the Muslim’s plan was to hit people with his car first and eventually hop out and attack with weapons. We see Muslim terrorists do this so much when they attack.

French President Hollande said that the attack “seemed to involve a French national, with possibly a certain number of weapons in his boot – it’s up to the judges to make a statement on that – who was looking to kill or at the very least create a dramatic incident,” .. Very weird how Hollande did not mention he was North African descent and refused to state the obvious.

Like all MSM reports on Muslim terror attacks, the MSM reports have beat around the bush and tried their best to avoid labeling the attacker as a depraved Muslim. It must take a serious amount of mental gymnastics to write up a report about a shooting perpetrated by someone yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ while not saying the attack was committed by a Muslim. MSM outlets like CBS and NY Times did not show an image of ‘Mohamed R’ nor did they note he was of North African descent. And yesterday, MSM reports about the London attack did the same politically-correct (dishonest) reports. Sometimes the truth hurts and to solve a problem you must tell the truth.

Sometimes you have to offend people in able to get stuff done. Politicians like Theresa May need to learn that.. Yesterday after a vile Muslim of Arabic-descent stabbed & ran over innocent white people, she gave a speech .. After such a vicious attack, you’d think Theresa May’s first priority would be to specifically identify the threat and lay out a real plan to ensure this does not occur again. But instead she lectured Brits to ’embrace diversity’ and ‘not become bigots’ due to the attack.

 Jesus Christ .. You’d think the leader of the UK’s first worry would be to soothe the families of the victims, perhaps? But nope! SHE IS MORE CONCERNED ABOUT NOT OFFENDING MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS THAN SHE IS CONCERNED ABOUT DOING WHAT’S NECESSARY TO PROTECT THE NATIVE PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN! It’s never the Muslims’ fault, and us white people must stop ourselves from being bigoted Nazis. It’s never the Muslims’ fault, and they should not feel guilt. But us white people should feel guilt. Right, Theresa May? Right. Kinda reminds me how CNN literally edited a pic of Oregon attacker, to make him look like a white male. CNN and MSM are known for doing stuff like that.

CNN mysteriously added a black-and-white filter over the Ft. Lauderdale shooter’s pic. I guess it’s always the white man’s fault over there at CNN!

But as you see, no one in the media nor in the general public wants to just naturally say what’s happening. They’d rather beat around the bush and not offend Muslims. Sorry but I don’t care who I offend. Get out of your Pampers & grow some thick-skin. It’s called radical Islamic terrorism. Go cry a river if you really are offended by my honesty. When I see an article saying that a ‘French man’ of ‘Tunisian descent’ targeted random citizens with a car & was carrying a gun, knives, and a gas canister before being apprehended — I’m going to jump to conclusion and say it was a MUSLIM MIGRANT* WAGING JIHAD.

*it’s always a Muslim Migrant or a Muslim whose parents were migrants

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