On Wednesday, Charles Krauthammer (who tends to be at odds with Trump ) was very startled by House Intel Committee chairman Rep. Nunes dropping a HYDROGEN BOMB of an announcement, proving Trump has been correct all along.

“There appears to have been for sure illegal, if not illegal improper, unmasking of Americans. We know that’s so because of the Flynn the unmasking.”

-Charles Krauthammer

Krauthammer, with a sick stomach, said that we now know it’s true Obama administration spied on Trump but there’s still more info we’ll learn soon on why Obama surveilled Trump.

“We now know that is a yes. But we don’t know if this is listening in on Trump operatives, on Trump himself, or whether it’s chatter by others about the Trump transition.”

-Charles Krauthammer

Even with the absolutely massive collection of proof vindicating Trump’s accusations, Krauthammer still finds it hard to admit he was wrong about it all.