germany-site5germany-site4germany-siteLIBERAL SICKNESS. If you want to marry someone of different race then that is your decision but why the hell is the gov’t of Germany literally forcing this stuff on German women? If whites migrated to Muslim nations and had their governments telling Arabic women to bend over for the white immigrants, I doubt it would go over well there.

The website is calledZanzu: My body in words and images’ and was set up by the Federal Center for Health Education in cohesion with a Belgian-gov’t funded sexual health center, Sensoa.

The intro video says the website’s sole purpose is to give “advice on sex and sexuality for migrants who have not been living long in Germany.”

With all the white women getting raped by Muslim migrants, the German gov’t decided the only solution is to continue UNLOADING HORDES OF MIGRANTS INTO THE COUNTRY of course & also provide a gov’t site informing them that RAPE IS NOT OKAY. I’m sure this will make the 3rd world monsters comply (hahahaha).

The German gov’t’s anti-white / pro-Muslim invasion website has several images that display Merkel’s sick wish for white men to be cucked under her rule.


The website allows migrants to read in Arabic, Farsi, Turkish, and 9 European languages. So not only do Muslim migrants get sexual assistance from the gov’t, but also get to bring their languages with them & their subculture (besides a few things I list lower in the article) & financial aid is OF COURSE provided to the unskilled Muslim invaders.

The website informs Muslim migrants that ‘honor violence’ (something Muslims are notorious for) is unacceptable in Europe.For example, under the heading “Relationships and feelings,” the website explains in detail what “honor violence” is, and why it is unacceptable in Europe. Honor violence is a barbaric ritual utilized by Muslim cultures .. Honor violence is mostly targets women who disobey the men’s orders.

Liberals are okay with pro-Honor Violence Muslims piling into Europe, but Trump squeezing a p***y is oppressive.

The website informs the 3rd world hordes that RAPE may be okay in Muslim nations, but not here in Europe (until all of Europe is, essentially, a ‘Muslim nation’ — then I’m sure rape will be allowed). Despite the German gov’t trying to explain why Muslim migrants should not rape, it appears as if they don’t comprehend or just didn’t get the memo. I guess the only solution is to import the next million migrant men & see if they listen the next time.

The website also teaches the migrants (invaders) that FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION is not the type of stuff you can go for here in Europe.

Yeah, don’t mutilate the German women’s genitals .. okay, Muslims? PLEASE, JUST DON’T. Be cool.

It also has a section dedicated to SEXUALLY-TRANSMITTED DISEASES. It tells Muslim migrants about STDs & even let’s them know that they do not have to alarm anyone that they have HIV/AIDs if they don’t want to.

It seems as if this website is implying that they can have sex with someone else, and not tell them about having an STD beforehand. In the U.S. it is illegal to have sex with someone who is unknowing of your STD-positive situation. Whether or not it’s legal or not in Germany, this gov’t-ran website sure as hell isn’t making it a priority for Muslim migrants to notify women of the disease(s) they may have before boinking her (hope the migrant’s STD isn’t too infectious).


This site is set up specifically for migrants. The intro video implicitly states that. The German gov’t has officially extended an invite through their newly-developed website,, to Muslim men to please come conquer the white women of our nation. This website is to fully let the nonwhite migrants (aka the ones on the site) are more than welcome to go for the German man’s woman & not expect him to fight back. Liberals/Marxist/SJWs/feminists like Merkel and her political companions are flooding the west with nonwhite invaders — not just because they put immigrants’ needs before Germans’ safety, but in hopes that the white race will be physically destroyed and eventually eviscerated for eternity. The white race is the minority of the world and only makes up 7% of the world’s racial demographic. SO DON’T BUY INTO THE ‘HELP THE MINORITIES’ / ‘WHITE GUILT’ PROPAGANDA.

I am not a racist but when I see the anti-white agenda being force-fed to white children at such a young age, brainwashing them to hate everything about themselves .. and when I see the German gov’t import RAPEfugees & then put this site up to try and convince the RAPEfugees not to:

  • Rape women
  • Kidnap women
  • Stow away women for eternity
  • Enslave women
  • Mutilate the genitals of women
  • etc

.. I get really upset with the cuckoldry I am witnessing. I’m respectful of all people, regardless their skin tone, but it’s sickening to see the liberal/globalist/mentally-sick elite embed people’s brains with anti-white propaganda & pro-Muslim rapist propaganda.

Also, you can truly tell that this site is as ‘SJW’ as it gets. A small note is made on the site’s page saying that MEN RAPE WOMEN WAY MORE THAN REVERSE (because the anatomy basically makes it impossible for women to rape men in anyway) & tries to make it seem like men are inherently evil (the amount of false rape cases made against men is ridiculous). What pisses me off the most about this snobby side-statement is that it says ‘boys and men’ rape women a lot, yet excludes the fact that it’s really ‘MUSLIM BOYS AND MEN’ who do that stuff.