The CNN ‘journalists’ just get better and better, don’t they? They’ll downplay Hillary Clinton’s health issues & not discuss the fact she can barely get up stairs, but if Trump uses railing as he coasts down Air Force One steps — then he is extremely afraid of stairs, people. According to CNN.

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BOOM! Now we know why Trump began his Presidential campaign by utilizing that trusty escalator! It’s symbolism to mark Trump’s fear of stairs NOT stopping him from chasing his dreams. How touching. Thank you CNN for this revelation.

NO, but in all seriousness.. Is this really what CNN had to report on? This was such a big story? Or has CNN gotten so desperate and run out of ammunition, that they’re now throwing figurative paper airplanes at the enemy. I mean, folks. Trump obviously does not fear a staircase but if his old age hinders him from swiftly skedaddling down the steps then I doubt any American with half-a-brain would care.

A CNN reporter says she has become “slightly obsessed with watching President Trump watch his step” while sharing a rumor that Trump suffers from bathmophobia (fear of stair and steep slopes).

CNN’s Jeanne Moos cited the time Trump was “clutching the hand of Britain’s prime minister” as her evidence that the POTUS fears falling down stairs.

I mean seriously, woman? Hillary could hardly walk & there’s an image of Secret Service having to lift her up stairs like she’s unable to pick up another foot .. and you’re going to actually run this hysterical rumor that you deluded yourself into believing? YOU’RE REALLY GOING TO LOOK PAST HILLARY’s INABILITY TO MOVE ACROSS FLAT SURFACES & ATTACK OUR NATION’s OLDEST (Yet Most Energetic) PRESIDENT?! Ahh, it is no wonder why Trump has not been that joke of a ‘news source’ since August.

CNN is the news channel of ‘brown table diversity’, Trump fans ‘whitelashing’, video-streaming Pence’s haircut, reporting 4chan-created PissGate story, claiming Hannity pointed gun at Juan Williams, etc .. CNN is the news outlet of pure imagination. Whatever the hell CNN can concoct in their brains, is what they report and they just do not give a damn! CNN does not worry if what they report is truth or fiction. CNN just takes any salacious garbage they can find, manifest, or dream of — then it’s as if they put it on TV! Okay, obviously CNN doesn’t make up all their false stories but it is true that CNN doesn’t care if they report truth or not. CNN just reports anything they think they can get away with!

If CNN didn’t cover up for Clinton so much while simultaneously overblowing every minor thing about Trump — and if they didn’t repeatedly run false reports about the 45th President (then & now) — then I could care less if CNN had negative stories against Trump, as long as they’re true & as long as CNN reported as strongly against liars like Hillary also. But CNN runs a bunch of petty BS like this & they’ve been doing it ever since Trump announced his candidacy.

CNN actually called out Hillary for her hypocrisy like one time. And that was really it, because other than that — they totally pushed pro-Hillary propaganda out during the campaign. If CNN constantly pushed against liberal falsehoods and if CNN reported fairly on Trump (not saying CNN needs to kiss his a$$ but just be fair) then I would start watching it. But sadly CNN will continue with fake reports like Trump and his ‘fear of stairs’ ..

I’ll see some reports on CNN that have legit sources and fair discussions about hot issues, but it’s very seldom in comparison to the disinformation and liberal spin that CNN dishes out. I mean, I will give credit to CNN when they cover something right (whether it hurts Trump or doesn’t) — but when they do hit pieces like this (yet say you’re sexist if you wonder about Hillary’s medical issues), it’s hard to even want to give one piece they put out a chance. #BoycottCNN? Anyone?

CNN’s ‘hard-hitting’ reporter Jeanne Moos picked up this lame theory from some British tabloids. The saddest part is that CNN devoted a 2 minute segment to such a petty non-topic.

CNN did not devote much time, energy, or investigative efforts towards Podesta-Russia connection, Clinton-Russia connection, etc — but they seem to really be taking Trump’s alleged ‘staircase fear’ as seriously as us Americans need to take it.

Okay, so Trump is fast-pacing himself a lot & has the energy of a child despite being 70-years-old .. if this man has to clutch the damn rail & watch his steps as he descends from Air Force One then who has a problem with that?! I don’t think Trump gets anxious before he arrives at a flight of stairs, I think Trump has so much on his mind that he probably doesn’t even think about such petty stuff.

CNN can be petty all they want. CNN and MSM can keep being biased as hell. Trump will keep putting America First, and keep empowering minorities (even if MSM tries to ignore it with literal non-stories), and keep negotiating with countries to ensure America is no longer ripped off, and keep pursuing the vision of a greater America with security, prosperity, and exceptionalism. Not just for one group of Americans, but for all Americans. Whether you consider yourself to be ‘deplorable’ or not!

CNN and MSM (Rachel Maddow, I’m looking @ you especially) have failed to find total dirt on Trump that wrecks him. I mean all they could find is that Trump loves getting frisky with beautiful women. Excuse me, but I thought all humans did (enjoy getting frisky with our attractive counterparts). If that’s not true then I suppose we must be robots or really becoming like them! JUST SAYING, all the dirt CNN and MSM discover about Trump is .. nothing. So that’s why they run reports like this, mocking a 70-year-old for naturally taking his sweet time as he exits Air Force One.

At least Trump doesn’t whack his skull on the floor like Hillary does when she faces a staircase!

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