It’s undebatable that a deep state / shadow gov’t is actively working to overthrow Trump. The CIA is totally compromised and may be Trump’s most dangerous internal foe. But is there any legitimate reason to believe the Secret Service has been compromised by traitors? Most definitely.

Just a little while back, a top Secret Service agent brazenly stated that she would not protect President Trump. She wasn’t just an agent but the Special Agent in Charge for the Denver-district.


Agent Kerry O’Grady’s former post was a very prominent one.

Many former and current Service agents were totally appalled by Agent Kerry O’Grady’s sick statement. Agent O’Grady was suspended and demoted from her position. But the current word is she may be returning to another position in federal agency.

Also, we recently saw an embarrassing breach of security on The White House lawn. A complete stranger jumped The White House fence and ran across the sacred property for nearly 20 minutes before finally being apprehended.

The intruder roamed the property for nearly 20 minutes without FINALLY being detected.

The worst part is the fact that President Trump was inside his Pennsylvania Avenue home at the time.

The stranger was able to hop across the fence because, reportedly, the alarm was not even on. A report says: “Secret Service personnel removed the alarm sensors along an area of fence line when the agency raised its height in response to previous fence-jumping incidents as a way to make it harder to scale. Ironically, the very effort to prevent fence jumping appears to have permitted a particularly egregious intrusion.

One source said superiors in the Uniformed Division told Secret Service personnel to remove the sensors and piece them together for use elsewhere. They were never replaced.”

During Obama’s presidency, an even more humiliating gaffe was made by the Service .. when an intruder was able to dash across The White House lawn and actually break inside the property. Luckily, President Obama was not there at the time. As we see, the Service is not invincible (something we’ve always known).

Besides the laptop incident & the lawn incident, the Service has been on their game for the most part when it comes to protecting President Trump. It’s been said that the agents really like the POTUS and as we all know, President Trump thinks very highly of them.

More eyebrows were raised when a Mar-a-Lago visitor claimed he snuck past the Service to take a picture in a private room .. the Service later repudiated and ultimately debunked the man’s claims.

But something that really did fall at the fault of the Secret Service, was when a laptop with secret Trump Tower security plans were stolen. Just happened a few days ago.

With all of the threats made against Trump on a day-to-day basis, I’m sure most of the agency is more alert than they have ever been.

For the most part, they’ve done a fantastic job protecting the 45th POTUS .. but ‘sleeper cells’ can compromise any gov’t agency. I personally believe that the Sec. Service is filled with 99% incredible people, but as we see — there’s always a 1% (in this case maybe less) in a group that tries to spoil the bunch.

The reason why many are concerned about Trump’s safety is because of the unprecedented amount of threats made towards him, and fueled even more by powerful celebrities. Also, a former Sec. Service agent (who served under Obama) recently stated that President Trump is no longer safe in The White House.

I believe that if any federal agency is going to stand with Trump against undercover traitors, it’d be the Sec. Service. But as I said, any agency can hold one or two bad people. Let’s just hope it’s only one bad person that the Service held.