Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is the epitome of all RINOs, but even RINOs throughout the Republican Party refuse to back the Obamacare-Lite bill (RINOcare bill).

The freshest faces to oppose the new healthcare bill are ..

  • Rep. Charlie Dent 
  • Rep. Dan Donovan
  • Rep. David Young
  • Rep. Chris Smith
  • Rep. Frank LoBiondo
  • Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler 

All of them are more right-of-center Republicans, instead of hard-right Republicans. Rep. Dent is the co-chairman of the Tuesday Group, a moderate group of Republicans (aka RINOs), so to see him oppose the RINOcare bill is shocking! Rep. LoBiondo said that the RINOcare bill “does not meet the standards of what was promised” and also added that the bill “is not as good or better than what we currently have” .. For Rep. LoBiondo to say the new bill is WORSE than Obamacare is just satire. I understand the disgust with the GOP not going for the full repeal now, and I agree that the new bill is totally RINOcare and has too many similarities to Obamacare .. but it is not as bad as Obamacare. Obamacare is a total con-job that was hurting the economy. Obamacare intruded into American citizens’ lives & forced citizens to pay penalties, or lose their plan, or both — even if those citizens wanted nothing to do with the socialized medical plan. I do wish we would go for the full repeal, because Obamacare is a total scam. None of Obamacare should be left in law.

Senator Marco Rubio still is uncertain on whether he will vote to pass or deny the bill. The bill has faced strong opposition from Republicans since the start. It could very well be dead on arrival if the House goes ahead with the plan to vote tonight. It’s looking as if the vote will be postponed, but nothing’s for certain.

Trump has come to agreement with true conservatives in GOP about cutting out government-forced mandates.

If Trump goes ahead with his commitment he made to true conservatives, then that will prevent premiums from skyrocketing any more than they already have. Trump, due to his negotiating abilities & smart thinking, has begun to fix many issues that the new bill has. Trump has plans to erase parts of the bill that were too Obama-esque. Due to Trump’s work, he is more confident in the bill and has urged people to vote for the AHCA. At least we know Trump has gotten a lot of the RINO-policies out of Paul Ryan’s RINOcare bill.


President Trump & VP Pence have already begun to discuss altering certain parts of the RINOcare bill, so that Paul Ryan and the corrupt establishment Republicans don’t get away with a scam. Trump and Pence have been totally swindled into supporting this bill. Trump and Pence have done a great job overall, and they’re kicking corrupt RINOs’ asses .. but they are off-the-mark with the support of the RINOcare bill. AT LEAST Trump and Pence are working to alter the worst parts of it though, unlike Paul Ryan and other undercover Democrats.

Whether the vote occurs tonight or whether it’s postponed, there is no doubt that great frenzy among the GOP will continue about the AHCA bill. In my opinion, the House should just go ahead and vote tonight. Trump has done everything he can to make the bill as less similar to Obamacare as possible & no one is going to change positions anytime soon on the AHCA bill. We’ll see what happens.