Earlier today in London, a radical Islamic terrorist injured several innocent civilians using his car before crashing it into the front gates of the Parliament, and then hopping out with an 8-inch knife and stabbing more innocent people. Thankfully, a brave lawman shot the depraved Muslim down, eventually leading to the Muslim loon’s death. Sadly, one police officer perished during the attack along with two other innocent bystanders. Read full details here with live updates.


U.S. President Donald J. Trump reached out to extend his condolences to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May after the horrific Islamic attack.


Here’s the official time layout of responses to the attack.

At 11:40 AM The White House announced that President Trump has been briefed on the radical Islamic terror attack at Britian’s Parliament in London.

President Trump told White House reporters he just received “big news” about an attack in the U.K.

President Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer announced that the U.S. will continue to closely monitor the situation and update President Trump.

At 1:47 PM The White House officially condemned the radical Islamic terror attacks in London, which involved a car rampage and a knife attack.

President Donald Trump is said to be monitoring developments.

President Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer said that The White House applauds “the quick response of British police and first responders” in London.

President Trump’s spokesman Spicer then said that the City of London and the British government have the “full support” of the U.S. as they investigate the attack.

2:15 PM President Donald Trump has spoken with British Prime Minister Theresa May about the security situation in London following a car rampage and knife attack.

Spokesman Sean Spicer says Trump and May discussed the attack Wednesday and Trump offered the support of the U.S. government.

Isn’t it rich that liberals are more outraged over a white man’s opinion on Twitter than they are over an Arabic Muslim man who just injured several and killed at least 3? Sad, sad, sad.

President Trump’s official Facebook post left this message about the attack:

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence issued this short statement on his official Twitter account, in response to the attack:

As radical Islamic terrorists continue to threaten innocent people across the globe, it’s up to us Americans to do what we can to help prevent this from happening so much. Civilians can offer support or words of encouragement to U.S. military members who deploy to combat Muslim extremists. For example, if you see a U.S. service-member in public just casually introduce yourself and simply say “Thank you for your service” .. It’s a small gesture and goes a long way. You will have some jacka$$es who tell you to buzz off because they think you’re a sycophant or whatever, but to hell with ’em. Most veterans appreciate knowing that the public has a lot of gratitude for what they went through. Whether you’re a civilian, or a government official of any sort, or a U.S. military member — we’re all Americans and should stay on the lookout for each other. Our country is the force for good in the world. America was weak and allowing Islamic terror to make unprecedented progress in the Middle East under Obama’s policies, but now with President Donald J. Trump and his administration’s no-nonsense approach to terror, things are different. Things are much, much worse for ISIS and other Islamic terror groups, with a strong Commander-in-Chief in charge .. reminiscent of Reagan. Just with more flare and less political correctness. Still just as strong though, no doubt!

This Muslim stabbing attack may remind U.S. citizens how important it is for the President’s new travel ban to be implemented ASAP. Idiotic judges in the 9th circuit court inactivated the President’s first travel ban, despite the newfound security it brought to America.

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WILL NOT TOLERATE SUCH DISBEHAVIOR FOR MUCH LONGER, RADICAL MUSLIMS! And Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel can grimace all the hell she wants to. We don’t care!

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Politicians can call it whatever the hell they want, but The 45th American President, Donald J. Trump calls it RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM. No more games with these barbarians!

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You are not ‘at the back of the queue’ & you never will be with us, Great Britain. U.K. Prime Minister May, former UKIP Party leader Farage, and to the rest of the Brits .. AMERICA LOVES YOU! And we will stand with y’all as your tremendous country restores it’s sovereignty & DECLARES IT’S RIGHETOUS INDEPENDENCE FROM THE DANGEROUS & OUT-OF-TOUCH LEADERSHIP OF THE E.U.

#NeverForget the attacks of today. #PrayForLondon & Stay Alert!