Isn’t Sean Spicer the best type of guy to combat the left-wing corporate hounds who disguise themselves in the name of ‘journalism’ ?! Spicer has got that flare and presence and that intellect to totally rip apart liberal journalists who dare try and twist his or the President’s words.

The heated incident began when ABC News reporter Jon Karl abruptly interrupted Spicer after saying Paul Manafort’s role in Trump’s presidential campaign was overall ‘a very limited role for a very limited amount of time’ ..

Spicer was answering one reporter’s question when ABC News’ Jon Karl decided to arrogantly project his voice over Spicer’s.

“Hey Jonathan, hold on can you stop interrupting other people’s questions? Hey, Jonathan somebody is asking a question. It’s not your press briefing. Julie is asking a question. Please calm down.”-Press Secretary Sean Spicer (3/20/2017)

After Spicer’s press briefing, ABC News’ Jon Karl posted his point about Manafort on Twitter.

Yes, Jon Karl makes a great point and does debunk Spicer’s claim that Manafort was not heavily involved in Trump’s campaign. Manafort apparently has ties to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine, and due to FBI Director James Comey’s very vital House Intel Committee hearing about Russia today, Spicer seems as if he’s attempting to brush aside the fact Manafort was a very big part of Trump’s campaign. I don’t know why Spicer is trying to make the press forget about Manafort, as if Trump has anything to be ashamed that a great guy like Paul Manafort was involved in making him President?! If Manafort was talking with Ukrainian politicians who hold pro-Russia values, then so what? Russia didn’t help Trump win the election. Did they try? Maybe. But Hillary’s corruption, exposed by WikiLeaks, and Obama’s weak agenda made Americans choose a bolder leader with broader shoulders and a true vision of American greatness & exceptionalism. The ABC News reporter should not have rudely interrupted, but Spicer was corrected by Jon Karl in my opinion.