The oldest living US military veteran of the horrific Pearl Harbor attack, Ray Chavez received an awesome letter from the Commander-in-Chief on Thursday for his 105th birthday.

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Seaman 1st Class Ray Chavez, US Navy (Ret.) & the Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces, President Donald J. Trump


Chavez was a crewman aboard the minesweeper USS Condor. The USS Condor just so happens to be the first ship to spot a Japanese midget submarine looking for it’s way into harbor. After the USS Condor noticed the submarine, a nearby destroyer blasted it to smithereens.

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Then later a Japanese aircraft roared overhead .. and the vicious attack had begun .. at the moment, Chavez was off-duty and sleeping at home. But Chavez bravely rushed back to his post and remained there for a week, staying on his post days after the devastation was inflicted upon Pearl Harbor and his fellow uniformed brothers and sisters.

Read the letter that President Trump issued out to Chavez.