Highly-renowned conservative talk show host Michael Savage has long said that radical left-wingers & Muslims will link up to destroy Western Civilization culture .. and boy, oh boy.. He looks more and more right everyday!

Middle eastern migrants (many of which — if not majority — are Muslims) and far left activists/anarchists gathered on the streets of Paris, France to radically, profanely protest. They eventually did what all left-wing protesters do and that’s get physically violent, such at attack police. The protests were dubbed a “March for Justice and Dignity” .. Usually these protests are to shine the spotlight on purported police brutality, but this time it was focued more on deportations. ANTIFA liberals and migrants flew Algerian flags and of course ANTIFA banners. They clashed with Paris police and threw Molotov cocktails (funny because liberals don’t like Russia yet they use their .. nevermind). The Molotov cocktails are the favorite weapon of many degenerate street punks. Truly vermin. Here’s a clip below.

Here’s more of the clips from the riots/radical protests.

This banner below says ‘NO DEPORTATIONS’ in opposition to the deportation of illegal migrants.

This protester/rioter shows a left-wing lunatic holding up the ‘severed head’ of Marine Le Pen.


Totally insane.