With her husband and kids, Ivanka moved to D.C. so she could be alongside her father as he works to fix America’s problems and turn this country around. And now she’s even got her own office inside the West Wing of The White House.


Ivanka has been a very visible presence around her father ever since he officially became the 45th POTUS.

Ivanka’s husband Jared is President Trump’s senior adviser. Ivanka’s attorney and ethics adviser said that the first daughter will not have an official title despite the fact she’s getting her own West Wing office. Her attorney also added that Ivanka will receive government-issued communications devices and (potentially controversial to many) security clearance to access classified info. Ivanka’s attorney assured the public that Ivanka will follow the ethics rules that apply to gov’t officials. Ivanka’s attorney, Jamie Goerlick said “Our view is that the conservative approach is for Ivanka to voluntarily comply with the rules that would apply if she were a government employee, even though she is not.”

Schlubs with no life are already raising hell on Twitter about Ivanka being able to grab printed off info for her father, and then walk it down the hall to him and hand it over to him. Because ya know, Ivanka in The White House with all of that security and Secret Service and military personnel and large fences and alarms and gated off entries, locked doors, expert marksmen all over the place who are trained to protect The White House and all of it’s inhabitants. Wow. It is truly a national security nightmare that Ivanka actually gets to grab classified info off the printer and walk it to her father’s office. I mean, what in the world?! THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN IS IVANKA DROPS THE PAPER OF INFO ON THE CARPETED FLOOR. And then what?! Does she pick it up? Will it be okay? Oh no. Ivanka Trump having clearance to go get printed off sheets of paper with classified info on it IS JUST OVER-THE-TOP DANGEROUS & I THINK THIS MAY BE THE END OF AMERICA. Ivanka Trump IS GOING TO LITERALLY DESTROY AMERICA BECAUSE SHE NOW HAS CLEARANCE TO CLASSIFIED INFO, GRANTING HER PRIVILEGE TO GO PICK UP THE PAPERWORK WHEN IT PRINTS OFF & GRACEFULLY CARRY IT DOWN THE HALLS OF ‘THE D.C. SAFE HAVEN’ & CARRY IT INTO THE OVAL OFFICE WHERE SHE WILL HAND IT OVER TO HER FATHER. This is REALLY, REALLY SICK. And I think this is the deathblow that will totally kill America forever. Ivanka having clearance to go pick up classified info of the printer is undeniably scary and not just life-threatening to me, but LIFE-THREATENING TO PLANET EARTH. Ivanka’s clearance to classified info, and the fact she’s gonna go pick up that classified info off the printer and walk it down to her father’s office in The White House (with trained killers standing guard every damn corner throughout The White House, and trained killers all over The White House perimeter with shooters and snipers and trained marksmen hidden on roofs and patrolling the property, and hiding in bushes, and the top technological security enhancements placed all over The White House property, and those safety checkpoints, and security cameras and security alarms, and no-fly zone over The White House and ugh). The White House as we all know is a very dangerous, unsafe, unsecure place as we know. But now with Ivanka being able to pick up classified info off the printer and walk it 30 steps down to the hall to hand it to her father .. WOW. This is just tough. AMERICA IS OVER & WE ARE SCREWED PEOPLE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!

Gorelick also noted that they were assured by The White House Counsel’s Office that the approach Ivanka is bringing as she has her own office now, is the correct approach to take. Ivanka’s attorney Jamie Gorelick also helped her husband Jared Kushner with the legal strategy which led to his White House appointment.

Ivanka was a very popular surrogate for her father on the campaign trail. Ivanka has continued to discuss with her father ways to help women who work, which includes more reasonable and respectful maternity leave for pregnant women who need to take time off.

Due to Democrats’ fear-mongering over the President and his family’s business ties, Ivanka — like her brother Eric recently did — has gone out of her way to make it clear she is not trying to receive special governmental treatment for her brands, merch, clothing, etc. Ivanka recently handed daily management of her business over to the company president, and also set up a trust fund. Ivanka’s also fully agreed to the prerequisite that her business/brand cannot make deals with foreign states. Ivanka’s also agreed to many other prerequisites to ensure there’s no slight chance of using gov’t leverage to help her business.


Ivanka has also promised to recuse herself from any administration decision-making that affects her business. Ivanka stepped down from a major leadership role in the Trump Organization and now will only receive fixed payments instead of a share of the profits. Ivanka’s book ‘Women Who Work’ will go on sale in May, and all of the profits, proceeds, and royalties will be donated to charity (similar to her father & how he’s donating his Presidential salary to charity.

To the leftist idiots who are totally blown aghast that Ivanka has her own office now (even though she was always in the damn White House anyway), quit being haters.