The Washington Post recently added an article talking about how illegal immigrants are cancelling food stamps so that they will not be deported. The article was meant to garner sympathy for them but it’s done the opposite because it just puts a mega-spotlight on the fact that illegals are (illegally) living off of taxpayers’ money (food stamps being just one segment of that).

Of course WashPo left out the very vital ‘illegal’ adjective when describing the immigrants. The liberal media endlessly clumps illegal immigrants and immigrants into one.

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People who come to the US lawfully and swear the oath to be a US citizen are immigrants, people who sneak across the border undetected are illegal immigrants. One group is lawful, the other group are trespassers. Yet the MSM clumps the two opposites together.

Caitlin Dewey edited the headline, as she originally titled it ‘Immigrants are canceling their food stamps for fear that Trump will deport them’ .. She changed the headline to a shorter and simpler title, ‘Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them’ ..

Many Twitter users believe that WashPo made the quick change to slyly navigate around the fact that Americans’ tax-dollars are going to criminals (illegal immigrants). The update to the headline is less specific, making it more vague that US citizens’ tax-money are going to illegals’ food stamps (and more gov’t benefits). 


This is not the first time a major media outlet has had to change a headline recently. The NY Times swiftly changed the title of an article after it came out a tad offensive.


Notice how WashPo made the title more vague, to lessen the impact of the fact American citizens are paying for illegals’ food. And also the new title said that the poor little immigrants are now ‘going hungry’ because of the big, mean, orange Trump-man. Boohoo. WashPo’s mind-games trying to make us feel sympathetic.


Whether or not WashPo changed the headline to make it shorter, or to make it more vague, or to make readers feel more sympathetic by saying immigrants ‘ARE GOING HUNGRY’, or all 3 .. it doesn’t matter. We can all agree that American citizens’ tax-dollars SHOULD NOT be going to noncitizens (who are breaking the law by being here).

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We’ve got veterans that are currently homeless and starving and suffering from mental health issues .. yet American citizens’ tax-dollars are going to illegals instead of brave men-and-women who fought for our country. All of that will end (and is in the sequence of ending). Trump is putting Americans first and deportations are already happening. Obama’s reckless and destructive policies are tough to be reversed but Trump and his administration are working like dogs to turn America around and make it great again.