President Trump & his administration has majorly delivered on promises. But if there’s one misstep that the 45th POTUS has taken so far, it’s pushing for the new healthcare bill.

The new healthcare bill is not a full-scale repeal of Obamacare, but instead is a lighter version of it. It’s a much lighter version of Obamacare. But it still has many parts of Obamacare in it. It is not as bad as Obamacare, but it still contains penalties for many Americans. This is not fully Trump’s fault, nor Pence’s, but neoconservatives like Paul Ryan are the true ones at fault. Neocons like Ryan concocted the bill and are madly pushing for ‘Obamacare-Lite’ in the GOP.

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Obamacare is a mega-scam. Yes, it gave healthcare to millions of more Americans but it cost many hardworking Americans their own healthcare. It caused premiums to rise, it forced taxpayers to pay for other Americans’ healthcare (many of those Americans being freeloaders, who can work but won’t work). Yes, there are poor people who work hard and cannot afford healthcare — but there are many poor people who work hard and COULD afford healthcare BEFORE the federal government overextended it’s hands into millions of Americans’ private healthcare plans. So yes, it’s nice to see millions of Americans get healthcare because of Obamacare — but it’s terrible to see over 1.5 million Americans LOSE healthcare due to Obamacare. Obamacare caused many middleclass & poor Americans to lose their health coverage, due to the massive spike in prices. So while healthcare was made available for free (or really cheap) to millions of Americans due to Obamacare, over 1.5 million Americans lost their healthcare due to government overreach. Obamacare also caused a major loss of jobs. Many medical professionals were relieved of their duties in medic centers across the nation, due to Obamacare costing medical centers so much money.

So saying Obamacare is fantastic because millions gained healthcare (many of them freeloaders) and ‘only’ over 1.5 million Americans lost their health plan due to it, is like saying it’s fantastic that a street fighter surprisingly lasted a minute in the octagon with a UFC Champion and only suffered a broken orbital bone, 2 black eyes, a fractured ribcage, and a ride out on a stretcher. So yeah, it’s impressive Obamacare got millions of Americans healthcare, but it’s horrible to see over 1.5 million Americans lose it due to O-care. It’s impressive that an untrained troglodyte lasted 60 seconds with an elite mixed martial artist, but it’s not that impressive if the UFC Champ is unblemished and the street fighter is half-dead.

Obamacare-Lite has also been called Ryancare and Obamacare 2.0. Ryancare or RINO-care. Same thing.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has strongly spoken out against the bill. Not because it invokes federal gov’t into Americans’ private lives more than Obamacare, but because it doesn’t fully retract Obamacare’s overreaching arms enough. Many other GOP Senators and Representatives have spoken out against the bill. It’s not a full repeal of Obamacare, but instead is only a retraction of a big chunk of O-care. President Trump has done a great job at keeping his promises, and we knew Obamacare would not be easy to repeal due to left-wing opposition and Democratic sob stories, so I give Trump the benefit of the doubt here. If Trump does 30% of what he promised then he would FULFILL MORE OF HIS COMMITMENTS than any other presidents in decades (perhaps of all time). Trump is fulfilling his promises daily and has made incredible strides in the first 3 months of his presidency, so even if O-care is not being fully repealed (for now at least), then at least it’s being retracted a bit. I believe the neocons and RINOs inside the GOP have convinced Trump to go along with the bill, instead of trying to fully repeal it. Pence is an obvious patriot for tiny gov’t as well, but I believe he’s being a bit swindled by some establishment RINOs. Overall, Trump and Pence have fought off the spineless RINOs (aka closeted Dems, globalists, Rockefeller Republicans) .. and if Trump and Pence didn’t ever fight against the GOP establishment then I doubt we’d ever have seen any segment of Obamacare repealed. So despite Senator Paul saying Obamacare Lite is a step in the wrong direction, I would correct his statement and say Obamacare Lite is facing the right direction but the bill is a small step towards the goal instead of a full-scale leap to the finish line. A full-scale leap would be a total repeal of Obamacare, and returning Americans’ healthcare decisions to private like the Constitution designates.

Despite Senator Paul’s diametric stance to the current Obamacare Lite legislation, him and President Trump have been getting along tremendously and talk about topics like this daily. Trump has romped and stomped all over the RINOs, and with the Obamacare Lite bill he still knocked them down — just didn’t fully squish them to pieces. Trump has called on Paul to support the bill, and then in a couple of years it would be easier to repeal the remnants of Obamacare..but Paul still wants a full repeal now.

As I’m sure Trump does as well, but many RINOs have probably convinced him it is more reasonable to repeal Obamacare slowly — first by this Obamacare Lite bill — instead of fully repealing it now (which truly would be a gargantuan challenge).

As of right now, it looks like VP Pence would have to be the tiebreaking vote to get Obamacare Lite passed — due to the fact a decent group of Republicans are not supporting the bill. VP Pence has called Obamacare a ‘nightmare’ repeatedly, and he obviously wants all of it gone. But VP Pence must be either swindled by sleazy RINOs like Paul Ryan — or just truly thinks Obamacare Lite is the first step needed before eventually repealing the rest of Obamacare’s tragic leftovers. Yesterday before VP Pence gave a speech at a dinner, the VP & Florida Governor Scott met with small business owners to discuss Obamacare and their plan to repeal & replace (the first part being the passage of Obamacare Lite).

Obamacare didn’t just skyrocket to the moon, they skyrocketed THROUGH the moon. And keep skyrocketing.

Back in 2011, Pence said that small business owners worry about what Obamacare could do to jobs. And he was right!


“We have a pro-growth House, a pro-growth Senate and a pro-growth president of the United States of America,”-Vice President Pence (to the crowd at Club for Growth dinner, 3/18/2017)

At Club for Growth’s dinner in Palm Beach, FL on Saturday night, VP Pence spoke to conservative donors urging them to hop on the wagon for Obamacare Lite.

VP Pence told the donors that to “be blunt, we need your help”

.. He then told them that Obamacare Lite is the ‘kind of solution’ Republicans have been discussing ever since the Affordable Healthcare Act was signed in 2010.

VP Pence also promised to work with lawmakers to improve the legislation. Roughly 140 people attended the dinner, including leaders of the House Freedom Caucus which has been fully against Obamacare Lite since the beginning. House Freedom Caucus wants a full repeal of Obamacare and nothing less. VP Pence told the dinner’s attendees that him and President Trump knows about their concerns and that himself and Trump “and the entire administration are listening.”

As you see in the tweet above, Club for Growth wants President Trump to push for interstate competition & ‘erase the lines’ to allow more free-market competition between medical companies. VP Pence vowed that he along with the rest of the Trump administration will work with lawmakers to improve the bill.

It’s also important to note that the POTUS met with members of the Republican Study Committee and agreed to adjust Obamacare Lite’s legislation so it would allow states to impose work requirements for Medicaid recipients, therefore lessening the freeloaders substantially.