Secret Service are ‘aware of’ Snoop Dogg’s mock assassination of President Donald Trump in his new music video.

There is no public statement about whether or not the Sec. Service will push for a further investigation. As of right now, it seems as if Snoop Dogg is in the clear — just like Madonna after she glorified the idea of blowing up Trump in The White House. If Snoop Dogg doesn’t watch himself, he may find some trouble for threatening the POTUS. Throughout the years we’ve seen many people arrested for threatening Obama and we know of at least a few people who have been arrested for threatening President Trump. Snoop Dogg’s illiterate cousin, thug rapper Bow-Wow (washed-up has been/never was) showed his sensitive side when the POTUS slammed his uncle Snoop for the vitriolic music video. Bow-Wow responded by threatening to ‘pimp’ the First Lady, Melania.

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Hmmm. A multibillionaire business mogul who’s currently leader of the free world or a washed-up ‘has-been/never-was’ studio gangster — who probably doesn’t even eclipse a net worth of a million due to his career going downhill. Tough choice. Not! As if this tiny shrimp & his lanky wannabe tough guy ‘uncle(?)’ Snoop Wuss could ever come close to touching the First Lady. One Secret Service member would fold them both into a pretzel quicker than a blink.

Remember when Snoop Dogg wasn’t a Hollywood elitist & actually was semi-rebellious? Yeah, I guess. But now he does teenybopper songs with Katy Perry & then acts like he’s really tough enough to take out Trump.

This was first reported 5 or 6 days ago, so if Sec. Service believed Snoop Wuss was a real threat to the POTUS, he’d already be in the slammer. Looks like Snoop Dogg is all bark and no bite.