The MSM and Dems and even some neocons in the GOP have pushed the unproven theory that Trump is a Russian spy .. or something like that. But with the House Intel Committee reaffirming that there’s no proof of Russia-Trump connection just a few days ago, many Dems are seeming uninspired that they’re delusional, fictitious imagination of Trump & Putin being a secret supervillain tandem is not true at all.

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Trump once said this in reference to how Putin pushed around Obama during the 44th President’s tenure.

Pelosi tries to blast Trump, can’t even get his name right. Waters tries to blast Trump, claims Putin is attacking Korea?! Schumer tries to sting Trump over nonexistent Russian ties, Trump tweets out photo of Schumer and Putin hanging out. #FakeNews MSM tries to trick American people with fabricated Russia-Trump documents, blows up in their face. And to top it all off, the House Intel Committee is just another group confirming that Trump & Russia are not intertwined in any fashion! DEMOCRATS ARE FLOUNDERING & SO ARE THE NEOCON TRAITORS IN THE GOP!

The President dropped three Twitter bombs a few hours ago on this Monday morning. Take a look.

Trump slammed Hillary and the Dems for blaming their loss on the fictitious Russian narrative (remember when HillDog tweeted out a #FakeNews article by Slate, citing a server’s connection to Russia — which turned out to NOT be a server owned by Trump, despite what many liberals falsely claimed)

 .. 2nd tweet Trump mentions there’s still zero proof of their conspiracy theories.

3rd tweet Trump called on for everyone to exert their efforts into finding the leakers (such as the traitorous scumbag who released Gen. Flynn call transcript, which the MSM then sensationalized into a gargantuan story when it really was ‘small potatoes’)

(.. Just saying, Gen. Flynn told the Russian ambassador that it’s ultimately up to POTUS whether or not sanctions will be discussed — and then when Pence asked Flynn if he discussed sanctions with the ambassador, Flynn said no. Which Flynn didn’t discuss sanctions, he just relayed the message that it’s up to the Commander-in-Chief and not him when it comes to lifting sanctions against Russia.. of course, the MSM eventually spun it into a hellstorm tornado & eventually Flynn said to hell with it & left for the good of the administration — knowing that Trump doesn’t need any more relentless MSM attacks. Flynn’s a true, real, iron-hearted patriot.)

Not surprising to see POTUS explode through with those 3 tweets on an early Monday AM, because FBI Director Comey will go before globalist shill politicians today and discuss ‘Russia campaign interference’ .. Important day!

[UPDATE] Trump drops 4th tweet about Dems’ Russian lies.

All 4 of those tweets are good points but we’ve heard them all before obviously. I understand why Trump feels the need to reiterate his stance to the American people though, due to the slanted coverage by the press. My favorite tweet he dropped this AM was about how the REAL ISSUE is to find out who the hell is responsible for illegally leaking secret gov’t papers & Trump’s tax returns? Trump has nothing to hide, that’s why you don’t see him hammering devices to escape jail .. but with all the confidential stuff kept between top gov’t officials in America and around the world, it’s just a safety precaution to prevent secret transcripts from leaking to the public. Most of the American public would either read it and have an opinion or just not care at all. But there’s evil people anywhere who would wanna utilize any source of inside info they can collect from any scrap of leaked intel. Trump has an administration of outsiders, with a few neocon puppets sprinkled in who are sycophants to the Commander-in-Chief now. Trump is not taking a Presidential salary, he’s working his arse off as President when he could be living lavishly without a care on earth, if there’s any secret he has to hide then the worst it could be is that he actually does want to work with Russia (despite Ukraine predicament) to destroy radical Islam and then hopefully that’d strengthen American-Russian ties. But with the Ukraine problem, I doubt Trump is even fully committed to pursuing military exercises with Russia — but that sure as hell doesn’t mean he wants a damn WW3 with them! Unlike McCain, Graham, other insane globalist neocon traitors in the GOP & of course the corrupt left-wing Democratic Party. All of those people are mentally-twisted who have went out of their way in the last decade or so, to (deliberately or not) create a total madhouse in the Middle East & create the Satanic Islamic barbaric group known as ISIS & kill innocent children + civilians with drones — when the drones would not be needed had Obama & Hillary not created ISIS from the ground-up in the first place! Trump is trying to link up with Russia & minimize the time it takes to eliminate the Islamic State (ISIS). That doesn’t mean Trump is in love with Putin or agrees with everything the Russians have ever done — it just means he wants to use all of the advantages he can, militarily, to eradicate Islamic extremism from the Middle East and clean up the mess he decided to heroically take on as President of the US. If I see an old lady getting robbed of her jewelry in a back alley somewhere, and there’s 5 goons with knives and all I’ve got is one knife — but I see a guy I had a constant feud with growing up, who is now jacked up like Hulk Hogan, walking down the street — then obviously I’m going to ask if he wants to take out these 5 thugs robbing an old lady. Doesn’t mean I like the bastard & doesn’t mean I will forgive him nor will he forgive me of any past feuds, but for one moment let’s unify against evil for the good of humanity. And after we take out the bad people, we can vanish from each other’s lives again. Sure, Russia and America have had rocky times for decades .. but when you’ve got ISIS and more extreme Muslim jihadists setting the world on fire and infiltrating 1st World nations to wreak havoc, at what point are you going to try and set aside differences with a military power (who has a stronghold & good connections within Syria) to start whacking these Muslim terror devils down a notch?!