Conservative journalist Louise Mensch was just given an opinion page in an edition of The NY Times .. right after she made the wildly hysterical statement that Russia President Vladimir Putin had Andrew Breitbart (founder of Breitbart News) killed.

WikiLeaks called out NY Times for their and Louise Mensch’s nonsense.

The American MSM along with globalist media outlets across the globe claim Putin kills journalists all though no direct evidence has ever been provided. If Putin really does kill journalists then that’s disgraceful and evil, obviously. The media is totally biased against President Trump in America, as they relentlessly put out half-baked half-truths about Trump (and sometimes straight-up lies). So if the MSM is lying about Trump, then who’s to say they are not exaggerating negatives about Putin?

The MSM and enemies of America have continuously tried to find dirt to take down Trump, but sadly the worst dirt out there is that he said he likes to ‘grab p***y’ .. Seriously. A multibillionaire business mogul, known globally, has been on this earth for over 70 years and he doesn’t drink, smoke, or do any type of drugs. The worst dirt about Trump is that he’s been with several women and he likes to grab their sweet spot when things get frisky. Like all men do. So since the MSM cannot find dirt on Trump (recently Maddow failed at that epically) they just make stuff up like his ‘Russian ties’ (nonexistent).

Read Louise Mensch’s NY Times opinion writing here.