Despite the fact many of Trump’s supporters (if not a whopping majority) want Obamacare repealed, Roland Martin claims that white middleclass workers are now regretting voting for Trump due to the damage he’s doing to Obamacare.

Of course ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos didn’t challenge Martin’s absurd statements, because Stephanopoulos is a Clinton friend anyways.

Roland Martin said, “And he can work it as hard as he wants to, but as I’m watching the town halls. I’m thinking about Malcolm X, you’ve been had, you’ve been took, you’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amok. To watch these white, working-class voters upset and mad saying, I voted for you. And I’m going ‘we tried to tell you this is what the man said he was going to do.’ Now they’re faced with the backlash of, now they love the Affordable Care Act and now Republicans are in a box.”

I am not sure what alternate universe he’s in because most Trump supporters I know (if not all) are totally okay with Obamacare being demolished. Trump’s supporters, especially the white middleclass workers, voted for him because they want strong borders & a new approach to a rapidly growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism & want extreme vetting (logical) & want corruption out of D.C. so Americans are put first in their own country. Trump is fulfilling his promises while mentally-deranged, undisciplined liberals are still wearing diaper pins and crying in their ‘safe spaces.’ While us patriotic Trump supporters are working to help our POTUS and his administration #MakeAmericaGreatAgain, left-wing anarchists — along with the MSM — are trying to derail us with violence and disinformation. Roland Martin, ABC News, Stephanopoulos are nothing but the essence of lies.

Roland Martin can keep cheating and lying, that’s all he can do!