Trump’s budget plan includes a proposal of roughly $2 billion dollars to building a wall on the southern border. The wall is obviously to prevent many illegal immigrants from entering. Despite this, Senator Schumer (D-NY) claims his budget plan is dangerous to America’s security.



ONLY IN ‘Liberal Land’ WOULD PREVENTING IMMIGRATION FROM AREAS COMPROMISED BY RADICAL MUSLIMS BE ‘Unsafe’ FOR AMERICA. Saying Trump’s travel ban makes Americans less safe is LIKE SAYING old women locking their door at night in the ghetto makes them less safe. If your 15 year old daughter called you on the phone and said that there are 5 old creepy guys banging on the door & yelling to be let inside, would you tell her to UNLOCK THE DOOR? No, you wouldn’t. So when America ‘locks the door’ on immigrants from regions compromised by radical Muslims, it’s logical. If you see 3 hitchhikers, and 2 of them are clean-cut smiling individuals but the other hitchhiker has facial tattoos, wears a leather jacket with no shirt underneath, and has a 9-millimeter Glock in his hand .. would you seriously pull over to let those 3 hitchhikers in your car? No, you wouldn’t. Just because 2 of the guys are nice doesn’t mean the 3rd one is. If you opened the border to 100 refugees and 90 refugees happen to be nice doesn’t mean the 10 others aren’t gonna rape & murder your daughter, or bomb a subway, or shoot up a restaurant.

Flooding the country with 3rd world Islamists would not make the nation more prone to terror attacks, but Trump’s budget proposal will .. according to Schumer.


Yep, another ‘open borders’ politician is claiming Trump is a danger to nat’l security. Hypocritical much?

According to this report:

The President’s budget proposal, unfurled Thursday, cuts national anti-terror and disaster mitigation coffers by nearly $700 million dollars, Schumer said, calling federal security funds the “cornerstone of effective preparedness.”

“Prevention against terror threats and enable the NYPD to do all they can to keep New Yorkers safe and secure,” the pol added. “These dollars prevent costly and crippling disasters, but more importantly, these dollars save lives and so, it makes no sense for this funding to be slashed. New York City continues to be the number one target for terrorism in the United States and federal anti-terror funding should reflect that reality.”

So Senator Schumer is now worried about ‘saving lives’ as he said that “these dollars save lives” in reference to the specific budget cuts Trump is pushing. Funny how Schumer isn’t ever open-eyed to the obvious fact that Trump’s travel ban & hardline stance on illegal immigration WILL SAVE LIVES. And by lives, I mean American lives. #AmericaFirst!

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Trump’s travel ban is intended to prevent radical Muslims from entering the country. The Boston bombers were refugees, and the Orlando club shooter was the son of a refugee. The Orlando club shooter’s father had radical views. Also, one of the San Bernardino shooters was a refugee. And also, the OSU stabber was a refugee.

Schumer also complains that NYC should have an increase in federal funds, due to the fact it costs them $100k a day to protect Trump Tower.

Hey Schumer, how about you tell liberals to quit damaging property & getting violent over a democratically-elected president, and then maybe Trump Tower won’t have to be defended so much.

I just find it fascinating that Schumer is now standing with law enforcement, because Trump’s budget proposal supposedly damages a certain aspect of federal law enforcers’ jobs [according to Schumer]. I doubt Schumer can trick lawmen-and-women into buying his asinine rhetoric, because policemen-and-women majorly support Trump.