At LAX, an airport security officer saw a man attempting to jump over the railing to kill himself. Watch the video below.

LAX airport officer John Solis talked to the man and eventually persuaded him to come off of the railing. For a moment, the distraught man lays calmly on the floor but then jumps up and attempts to dive over the railing again .. but Officer Solis pulled him off. That’s all of the details known about this story now but it just goes to remind us all, we should look out for one another in this world & not be so hedonistic like the media culture wants us to be. This site is mainly political but it’s good to reflect on humane stories such as this and recognize an officer for helping a mentally-damaged person. The suicidal man is in my prayers and I commend the LAX officer for saving the man.

Don’t let the media fine-tune you into being a hedonistic, weak, inhumane zombie. Be a human again and help your fellow Americans when they’re struggling mentally or physically. Let’s hope this man in the video gets some help. Amen!

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