A Reddit post about a group of Trump supporters has gone viral. Why? Because it’s an amazing story about what happened yesterday when President Trump spotted some passionate supporters on the street, as he rolled by in his motorcade.


7 of President Trump’s biggest fans were out showing their support as the Presidential motorcade approached Mar-a-Lago. Then moments later, some White House staffers pulled up to the group and asked if they’d like to meet the President. Here’s the video of the van ride, posted by Jennifer Eady:

I contacted Jennifer through Facebook, requesting an interview — and to my surprise got a response in minutes. Here’s what I asked!


Jennifer & her friends’ story has gone viral & been reported by TheGatewayPundit, Palm Beach Post, and a slew of local Florida news channels. ABC News reported that Trump waved at fans as he rolled in, but of course IGNORED this amazing story.

Mar-a-Lago is a multimillion dollar estate, nestled on the plush sands of Palm Beach. It’s nicknamed ‘The Jewel of Palm Beach’ and is a National Historic Landmark. Trump has owned all 20-acres of the resort for decades, long before he became president. The liberal media has attacked the Prez for working on his private resort .. unsurprisingly, the biased press was a-ok with Obama frequenting resorts. To read the viral Reddit post about Jennifer & her friend’s surreal meeting with the POTUS, click here.