Now the left-wing rag, HuffPo [which posts headlines like this], just posted a story claiming Trump is not working while visiting the ‘Southern White House.’


HuffPo is okay with Obama’s constant golf trips, but are livid about Trump’s ‘presidential putts’ at Mar-a-Lago.
HuffPo is accusing Trump of golfing more than working, while at Mar-a-Lago.
 The article said: “It’s difficult to know for certain because the private club can keep the president’s activities hidden from the public — and the media.” As you see, they admit they don’t have a clue if Trump’s golfing more than working — like they want you to believe.
Donald Trump Arrives In West Palm Beach For Presidents Day Weekend
HuffPo article also said Trump might be “more embroiled with his nine-iron than the troubles of the nation.” [Hmmm.. Like Obama? The difference is it’s openly known Obama chose golfing over helping the nation during a crisis.]

Obama golfed, golfed, & golfed during Louisiana flood .. so then-candidate Trump chose to help the victims.
HuffPo article then showed that pic of Trump with Peter Flaherty, taken on Friday, which shows Trump wearing a golf glove. Reportedly/purportedly, an aide said Trump may have “hit a few balls” .. HuffPo also mentioned that Trump cancelled a meeting Friday night. The meeting was set to be about veterans’ health care. Trump apparently had meetings the next day, and also made/took phone calls throughout the Saturday at Mar-a-Lago… but HuffPo — with no evidence — is implying that Trump golfed for ‘over four hours.’
HuffPo then cited POLITICO (openly biased) by saying Trump’s golf outings at Mar-a-Lago costs taxpayers over $3 million. The funniest thing about this claim is that it’s an ‘estimation’ by POLITICO, and not confirmed nor proven.
Obama once cost taxpayers nearly $4 million for ONE golf outing. But HuffPo won’t tell you that.
HuffPo then targeted Melania and Baron, by saying it (supposedly) costs taxpayers an extra $1 million a day to protect them while they’re in NYC.
Liberals have a problem with the fees it costs to protect the First Family. Unbelievable. LOL.
So left-wing outlets had no problem with Obama’s GOLF-GOLF-GOLF agenda, but are triggered that Trump is golfing ‘so much’ .. Trump may be golfing at times, but in comparison to Obama — he’s not even close. Trump repeatedly attacked Obama for golfing so much. Yes, Trump has openly golfed during his presidency — but nowhere near as frequent as Obama did. Plus, Trump’s achievements [and Trump’s working days] compared to Obama’s ‘achievements’ more than makes up for Trump’s golfing ventures.
It’s unknown why Trump’s ‘health care for veterans’ meeting was cancelled Friday night. Of course the media is utilizing that situation to make it seem as if Trump is not keeping promises. Just like when the press attacked Trump for donating millions to veterans. The bias & disinformation in the MSM is unparalleled these days.
Read the entire #FakeNews non-story by the Huffington Post, here.